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Motivation Monday: Fuel You Fire With ONNIT Inspiration

Onnit is a human optimization company. Their goal is to offer anything that will help optimize your body, mind and soul. They offer supplements, food, exercise equipment, gear and literature all aimed to motivate and fuel you to be the best person you can be. We all make excuses, procrastinate, and ONNIT knows this. They employ […]

NFL Week 9 Dope Play Round Up With Pull and Snap Dabs

Pull and snap is shatter’s more reasonable cousin. Warm it up and you can fold it and stretch it almost like taffy. Pull and snap makes for fun experimentation. Put some sugar wax or terp sauce in between two slabs of pull and snap to make a ice cream dabwich. Another fun thing about pull and […]

NFL Week 9 Highlight Round Up With Sugar Wax Dabs

Sugar wax is might be the most balanced cannabis solvent on shelves. It looks good, expresses strong terpene profiles well and sticks to your dab tool with no problem. Many brands are extracting great sugar wax: Mantis, Oleum, and GreenRush are just a few of the brands that have it. Each one is a slightly […]

Seattle Seahawks Social Media Round Up With The OG Kush Strain

After the Seahawks disappointing loss to the Washington Redskins, you might need a little mid-week pick-me-up. OG Kush is sure to pick up any sullen sports fan. This strain produces stress reducing euphoria that will help get you to Thursday, when the hawks take on the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football. Throw records out […]