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Learn More About The HempKings – A Newer 502 Producer

HempKings is a newer producer on the 502 cannabis market. While there is very little information about their brand online, a deep dive of their Instagram profile reveals the HempKings have had a lot of success with little media coverage. It didn’t’ take long for the HempKings to have one of their strains featured in […]

Learn More About The Classic OG Kush Strain From MFUSED

The OG Kush strain is a pillar of the cannabis genetics. Experience this strain in its purest form from an MFUSED CO2 vape cartridge. OG Kush has been bred, bred back, cloned, and any other kind of manipulation to exploit its powerful genes. OG Kush is known for leaving the user with heavy bouts of […]

The KushKrew’s Memorial Weekend Event Guide For Seattle

Here’s a comprehensive guide for potential Memorial Weekend celebrations. If you’re staying in the Seattle area, there’s a little something for everyone. Enjoy some cannabis, step out of your comfort zone and learn something new about Mexican culture, listen to some jazz or check out a foreign documentary.  Or just go to Sasquatch and get […]

Learn More About The Bay Pie Strain From MFUSED

The Bay Pie strain is a rare Cherry Pie phenotype that was created in the San Francisco area, per AllBud. Experience this strain from an MFUSED vape cartridge. MFUSED is a company that specializes in cannabis extractions. They source all starting material from top producers like Freddy’s Fuego and Fire Bros. Their head of extraction, Knotty is […]