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KushKrew’s NFL Week Six Season Recap With Sweetwater Farms

KushKrew’s NFL week six season recap is accompanied by Sweetwater Farms. Sweetwater puts an emphasis on terpenes and flavors with their cannabis. Sweetwater Farms labels are brightly colored and filled with pictographs that easily describe the cannabis strains name, genetics, flavors, effects, and suggested activities. Sweetwater produces hybrid, sativa, indica and CBD cannabis strains in […]

Learn More About Gavel Core Reactor Dab Nails

Dab nails come in all shapes and sizes nowadays as heady glass culture slowly bleeds into mainstream cannabis use. Each nail serves a specific function for different types of dab takers. The gavel core reactor nail is a play on the standard bucket design; a deep bucket with a raised platform on the center. This platform is […]

KushMart Recommends These Halloween Cannabis Strains

These Halloween cannabis strains will power you through all the candy eating and horror movie marathons this month can throw at you. With the cold seeping into our homes for the next few months, bundle up and spark up these spooky and sweet cannabis offerings. Jack The Ripper A flagship strain from TGA Subcool Seeds. […]