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Cannabis-Infused Drink Sales Set To Exceedingly Rise

While legal cannabis sales continue to rise, the race is on for corporate giants to get in the cannabis industry through cannabis-infused drinks. While huge players like Pepsi Co. and Coca-Cola have speculated about bringing in new product lines to recuperate lost sales of sugary drinks, according to Bloomberg. Sales growth has been a point of […]

Learn The Basics About Joint Rolling History And Technique

Cannabis has been used in the form of medicine for countless generations. Scholars like Carl Ruck believe that cannabis was used as a form of a religious sacrament back in ancient Greece and Jerusalem. Ruck specializes in studying the role plants played in inducing altered states of consciousness for the purpose of religious ceremony and […]

Learn More About Freddy’s Kush From Northwest Concentrates

KushMart doesn’t carry Freddy’s Fuego products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a taste of Freddy’s Fuego at KushMart. Northwest Concentrates collaborates with many of the states cannabis growers, like Freddy’s Fuego, Gorge Gold, Lifted Cannabis Co., etc. Xtracted Laboratories created Northwest Concentrates as an economic concentrate brand; giving budget dabbers the same great […]