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Skip The Line & Order Online For Your 4/20 Celebration Stash

You want your 4/20 celebrations to be as productive as possible which means you don’t need to wait in long lines the day of. Everyone is going to be ripped and nobody likes playing catch-up. You may not know, but KushMart offers online ordering. Place your order online and a budtender will assemble your order to its […]

Your Official KushMart 4/20 Sale Spending Guide

The KushMart 4/20 sale is something you don’t want to miss. This is a great time to stock your headstash with quality products like Pioneer Nuggets, Oleum Extracts, and Regulator Extracts. There will also be sales on Sweetwater Farms and House of Cultivar, be sure to ask our budtenders for specifics. KushMart 4/20 Sale Guide […]