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Learn More About Lush Strain Specific Soft Jelly Chews

Lush cannabis edibles are strain specific, a rarity in the world of edible cannabis. This allows you to pair an edible with an experience the same way you would with a strain of cannabis flower. This allows you to buy the same flavor of edible for different occasions, flavors like Hawaiian Mix, a mix of […]

KushKrew’s Week Seven NFL Recap With Khush Kush Concentrates

Enjoy dabs of Khush Kush concentrates while you go through KushKrew’s week seven NFL recap. Khush Kush has strains like Brandy and Item #9 on their exclusive strain menu. All of Khush Kush’s cannabis is grown in Bellingham, Washington. Their gems n’ juice concentrate was processed by Labs Of Dabstract. Gems n’ juice captures the […]