KushMart Everett Likes These Strains for Spring

Sigh… 4/20 has come and gone, so where’s the freaking sun? Luckily, there’s weed — mood-elevating recreational marijuana brings a blast of cerebral sunshine to even the gloomiest Everett day. Here at KushMart Everett, we’re banishing seasonal affective disorder with an arsenal of high quality buds. Here are our current picks for strains that’ll overpower cold-weather lethargy, ease your overgrown winter blues, and maybe even make cabin fever seem entertaining.


If you just want to trip out on the unfurling spring greenery, Chemdawg is a good choice, with a consistently cerebral high and (when smoked in quantity) reality-bending visuals. Plus, the flavor is on point for spring: very fresh and grassy. Warning: this strain delivers a heavy body high and is not a great choice if you need to be motivated or physically active.

Green Crack

Here at KushMart, we appreciate a strain that delivers a punch without knocking you out. This potent sativa-dominant hybrid delivers an uplifting jolt of energy. (It’s not too hard to figure out how Green Crack got its name.) Perfect for active smokers, Green Crack is also a good choice for treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and migraines. All this with an enticingly sweet flavor defined by notes of citrus and tropical flowers!


A cross between Albert Walker and Tahoe Alien, Ewok is pungent with lemon and tangerine and delivers a cerebral, creative high. Perfect stress relief: These crystal-encrusted buds will give you the warm fuzzies.


Here at Everett’s best pot shop, we’re still digging on the Blackberry. This versatile strain delivers a fun, mellow high that’s great for both sitting around or running around. And of course these buds are some of the prettiest in the world, with hints of sparkling purple foreshadowing the famous blast of sugared berry flavor. Right now we’re loving the version from High Altitude, which delivers a nice hit at 20.2% THC.

Make sure to check out our menu for even more strains to brighten your day!


One Man Star Wars Trilogy at Everett Theater

Charles Ross - One Man Star Wars - KushMart in Everett

Think of your favorite movie of all time. Now think of two more. Now repeat every line, every scene, and every plot point out loud, and before an audience. Sounds a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? But for Charles Ross this isn’t merely a mental exercise, but a practiced work of art.

For over 16 years Charles Ross has performed his one-man Star Wars Trilogy, acting-out every word spoken, every lightsaber strike, and every use of the Force to occur in those classic films. Having appeared on Conan O’Brien, the Late Late Show, and has appeared at several comic conventions. His creation has entertained celebrities and statesman and he is bringing it to the city of Everett for your enjoyment! Make sure to get tickets now.

1. Cinex – a hybrid, this flower is known for giving people a clarifying and uplifting high. It may start gentle, but this weed will get you baked in less than 12 parsecs. It’s perfect for getting you deep into the plot. You may even feel like you’re on a faraway, alien moon.

2. Ewok – fast-growing plant which produces buds as shaggy as the Star Wars Ewoks themselves. Ewok has strong cerebrally effects and promotes a deep sense of calm.The body high this strain invokes is great for pain management as well.

3. Galactic Glue – The name alone should tell you this one will take you to another dimension. A sativa dominant hybrid, this strain will give you a productive high, which you can use to pay attention to all the details of Ross’ amazing show.

Stock up on all your favorite weed treats early for this event! Kushmart on Highway 99 makes it so easy with a convenient location and free parking. Our staff is educated and attentive and ready to answer any questions you may have about the world of marijuana.

Strains for Single’s Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day - KushMart Everett

If Valentine’s day and all its schmaltz is leaving you feeling bitter, we have a sweet solution for you. Single’s Awareness Day! Just because you’re solo doesn’t mean you don’t get a day of love. Everett’s best Pot shop KushMart has your Cannabis craving, single needs covered.  We’ve put together a self-care package made up of single servings at the best prices on the North Side of Seattle. KushMart Everett invites you to take care of you. Go on! TREAT YO’ SELF. Because there is nothing more attractive than self-love.

Everett’s best Pot shop KushMart has your Cannabis craving, single needs covered.  We’ve put together a self-care package made up of single servings at the best prices on the North Side of Seattle. KushMart Everett invites you to take care of you. Go on! TREAT YO’ SELF. Because there is nothing more attractive than self-love.

Purple Champagne

Ooooooh this strain not only sounds like a Prince song, it will leave you feeling like one. Enjoy some Purple Champagne for one (without the bottle going flat) à la a Joint  from Top Shelf with 18.1% THC and only $10 a Single

God’s Gift

Boost your ego and your high with this potent strain. The God’s Gift Rosin Stix from Panacea rocks a whopping 36.3% THC count that will leave you so high you’ll probably forget you’re single. $15 per joint.

Caramel Apple Single

Still feeling blue? We invite to ingest one (or 2) of Panda’s fine chews and go sit in any restaurant or coffee shop and listen to any random couple’s conversation. You’ll be high and happy you’re single within 10 minutes. From Phat Panda and only $3 per single.

Creamsicle Single

The best part about being single — aside from never having to compromise on your pizza toppings — is that when you find an edible this delicious, you don’t have to share. This Honu Orange Creamsicle Flavored treat is only $5 per single (available in larger portions if you choose) and you can stock up and enjoy that whole pizza just the way you like it when it arrives.

Weed to Try Again and Again – Groundhog Day with KushMart

Groundhog Day with Everett's Best Pot Shop

Legend has it, if it’s cloudy on Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania — Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog) will emerge from his den and spring will come early. We’re definitely ready for spring, so let’s get outside on February 2nd and help make some clouds. You know, for Phil. Pick up a few of your old favorite marijuana strains at Everett’s best pot shop, KushMart, and blaze up to bring spring on.

If hanging around outside smoking weed and waiting for Punxsutawney Phil isn’t your thing, that’s OK. Let’s face it — some of us are just more indoors-y. You can always pack a bowl and watch Bill Murray in Groundhog Day or just hope he crashes your party. But be sure to have a healthy stash on hand from your favorite Everett weed store in case he shows up. We hear he’s a hardcore stoner.

Our favorite strains to try again and again:

  • Two of our Blue Dream standby strains — Cyclops with a 22.8% THC level, and Liberty Reach with an 18.4% THC level — both start at just $10 for 1g.
  • We also keep going back to Gorilla Glue Fresh Productions with a 15.8% THC level at just $5 for 1g, and their #4 Doc & Crook with an 18.4% THC level at $10 for 1g.
  • For those days when our bank accounts are a little fatter, we like to stock up on Velvet Cush Clandestine with a 26.4% THC level at $20 for 1g, $60 for 3.5g, or $160 for 14g.

Looking for pre-rolled? This Everett marijuana shop has a great selection of your favorite weed strains. Get reacquainted with the Cherry OG .5g joint with a 19.7% THC level for $3. We also love the Machine Gun Pineapple Joint with a 44.8% THC level, and a 0.6% CBD level for $10.

Smoke these old favorites over and over again…and rediscover the possibilities. When you put the “recreation” in recreational marijuana, it’ll never feel like the same old same old.