Get Zombified for the Snohomish Zombie Walk

Saturday, September 19th, ghoulishly painted guys and gals will gather in the Snohomish Carnegie Educational Center parking lot for the official Snohomish Zombie Walk. Since the official procession will begin at 5:30pm, you’ll have plenty of time to pick up a pot product or two from KushMart. Because seriously, if there’s event which calls for cannabis, it’s this one.


The Zombie Walk is sponsored by the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation, an organization focused on rehabilitating and restoring local landmarks, like the beautiful Carnegie Library. And that’s not the only way it helps our community. An hour before the event, representatives from the foundation will be collecting “Rations for the Survivors”—think canned and preserved food donations—at the Education Center. Other donation drop-off locations are Artisans Mercantile, Glitter and Ivy and Grilla Bites.

The day of the event, zombified folks will receive 10% off any meal purchase at local eateries Grilla Bites or Cathouse Pizza. So why not get two birds stoned at once by dropping off your canned goods at Cathouse, then tearing into a pie? Start with an appetizer of 50/50 hybrid Cherry OG,  and you’ll be able to take down the entire thing without getting full couch lock. Of course, Cherry OG is available at KushMart in Avitas’ convenient cartridges, and you can check out plenty more sweet cannabis “appetizers” to fuel your unearthly adventure on KushMart’s menu.


Not feeling confident about your special effects makeup skills? Have no fear, as volunteer artists will be on hand from Arts of Snohomish to make any face look haunting and horrific! If you’re looking Head to Holly Images Art and Design Studio at 3pm to get spooky. More than 300 people have expressed interest in attending this undead fest on Facebook, and last year, more than 1000 brain-craving participants wound up stalking the streets of Snohomish, so expect a crowd!

August Top Products | Clandestine Gardens, Top Shelf and Smokey Point

top cannabis products august weed near everett kushmart recreational marijuana

At KushMart, offering the top pot products in Washington State is the highest priority. Menu items include well known and locally loved brands like Artizen, Fireline and all brands listed below. If you’re headed out to the trails or slopes in the Cascades or North toward Mount Baker, this Everett retailer is the perfect place to stop and pick up your ganja goodies. So, get active and get outside, but first try one of KushMart’s top cannabis products for the month of August.

 clandestine gardens ATF cannabis products weed near everett kushmart cannabis

Clandestine Gardens – ATF

Alaskan Thunder F*ck is a predominantly sativa cannabis flower, said to be bred from a Northern California sativa, Russian ruderalis (industrial hemp) and Afghani genetics. The Limonene and Pinene terpenes present in this bud produce a citrusy and clean aroma. Clandestine Gardens grew this batch of ATF, testing in at 25% total THC. Activities perfectly matched for this potent and uplifting combination of effects include everything from kayaking to hitting the slopes. Included in the package is a goofy slap with an illustrated face-off of man versus bear. Before you venture out, pick up this energizing flower at KushMart – and hopefully you won’t run into any bears.

top shelf wa granddaddy purple cannabis products weed near everett kushmart cannabis

Top Shelf – Granddaddy Purple

Some may ask, if it’s called Granddaddy Purple – is it actually purple? The sugar leaves and bud range from a slight violet hue into a deep olive green, adorned with amber pistils and dusted in white trichome crystals. Top Shelf is a producer of premium cannabis products in Washington State and they pride themselves on the aroma and potency of their dense nugs! An impressive fruity grape top note will creep out of any open package of this potent batch, tested at 24% total cannabinoids and 20.5% total THC.

smokey point productions arlington producer dirty girl cannabis products weed near everett kushmart cannabis

Smokey Point Productions (SPP) – Dirty Girl

Arcata Lemon Wreck and Cinderella 99 were bred to engineer this full blown sativa. Smokey Point Productions is a Washington State cannabis producer and processor based in Arlington. This pot company belongs to the Arlington Cannabis Coalition – a group of recreational marijuana growers, processors and retailers who have banded together in volunteer efforts, for the better of the community. One of their first projects was cleaning up Twin Rivers Park with other producers, including Avitas and Pioneer Nuggets.

Dirty Girl is an earthy and sweet strain, and would be an excellent pairing for a long trail run with a four-legged friend or an intensive power yoga flow.

KushMart’s Top Three Wax Recommendations

July 10th became the stoner hash holiday when the term 710 started to be used in the concentrate community in the same way 420 is used in the greater cannabis community. When looked at upside down 710 appears to look like the word OIL, and so the association was born. At KushMart, we have all the concentrates you need – and then some! Visit us this month to pick up one of our three wax recommendations.

top three wax recommendations kushmart 710 concentrates oil extracts fireline orange crush shatter

Orange Crush Shatter – Fireline

Orange you going to try Fireline? This Orange Crush Shatter is well-dubbed; the dense translucent material is a brilliant tangerine hue. The texture suggests that it must be brittle and therefore can be enjoyed at slightly higher temperatures. For those who tend to accidentally store their concentrates in places with slight warmth (i.e. a windowsill or counter exposed to light) a higher viscosity extract like this one will take longer to break down in composition and will better hold integrity in flavor and effects.

top three wax recommendations kushmart grape ape artizen cannabis washington state i 502 concentrates 710

Artizen – Grape Ape

Artizen uses naturally acquired pest prevention and strives for perfection – all the way down to their watering temperatures. We’ve all heard of Grape Ape but what is it, really? The signature grape taste and musky smell come from parent strains Mendocino Purps and Skunk #1. Afghani is the third parent and promotes strong physical effects. This full Indica is a crumble – perfect to dab or as a fun bonus to anything rolled. Stop by KushMart this month to grab this pot o’ gold.

top three wax recommendations honu cannabis washington state i 502 dutch treat turtle terps concentrates extracts kushmart 710

Dutch Treat Turtle Terps – Honu

The robust blend of flavors in this batch of Turtle Terps will have you craving more in no time. Honu means sea turtle in Hawaiian, and was chosen as a name for this cannabis company because of everything the creature embodies: peace, luck, spirit and more. The Dutch Treat is a Butane Hash Oil containing over 72% THC. This concentrate should be consumed ideally as a low-temperature dab, and has a remarkably workable consistency.

June Top Products | Artizen, Clandestine Gardens and High Altitude

Summer is here and so are the top cannabis products from our featured brands: Artizen, Clandestine Gardens and High Altitude. Flower is what the buzz is all about this month, so shop and smell them at Everett’s premier pot retailer.

Atizen Dutchberry KushMart Top Products June

Dutchberry – Artizen

Washington State smokers cannot stop talking about Artizen’s Dutchberry. The smell alone will induce cravings for decadent caloric satisfaction. Dutchberry is a Sativa-dominant strain. DJ Short’s Blueberry was crossed with Dutch Treat to promote highly euphoric effects. If you’re looking for a breather, make it a sweet one with this indulgent genotype.

Clandestine Gardens KushMart Top Products June

Green Crack – Clandestine Gardens

Although the name may be misleading, Green Crack is nothing but a fine strain of cannabis. This strain is one of Clandestine’s newest offerings alongside The Raw Dog and Hawaiian Treat. Clandestine provides quality weed with highly individualized effects. Each bag comes with a quirky sticker with an illustration pertaining to the name. In the words of Ash Ketchum, “Gotta catch ’em all.”

High Altitude KushMart Top Products June

The Truth – High Altitude

High Altitude is a Tier 2 cannabis producer based out of South Seattle. All three owners of this local company had deep roots in the Washington State medical marijuana community. One of High Altitude’s most popular strains is The Truth. This is a well-balanced hybrid with a signature pine scent, said to have relaxing and talkative effects. Stop by KushMart during this month and find out if you can handle The Truth.