Honu Coconut Snowballs

KushMart Budtender Profile: Jayne Gilbert Likes Dabs and Honu Coconut Snowballs

KushMart’s budtenders all have their own knowledge and preferences. Get to know Jayne and her favorite products, such as Honu Coconut Snowballs.

*This interview has been edited for clarity*

Q: Who are you and what is your background and experience with cannabis?

A: My name is Jayne Gilbert and I’m a newbie in the cannabis industry. I’m excited to learn and grow in the industry.


Q: Do you have a favorite moment involving cannabis?

A: I took my first dab and fell in love.


Q: Why did you get into the cannabis industry and what are your goals in the cannabis industry?

A: I wanted to learn more about the cannabis plant and specifically how it affects people.


Q: Is there a particular niche within in the cannabis industry that really interests you? Why?

A: I’m dying to visit farms and see what they do.


Q: When it comes to consuming cannabis, talk about some strains or products you consistently use and share why you choose them over others.

A: Sweetwater Farms is a brand I can’t wait to show customers because of the combination of trichomes, aroma, and flavor.


Q: When someone asks you for a product recommendation, do you typically recommend premium or more affordable products?

A: I like to recommend affordable products because people like deals and savings.


Q: Name some of your favorite brands in Washington. Why do you like these companies?

A: Some of my favorite brands are Sweetwater Farms, Northwest Grown, Artizen, Area 51, and Oleum Extracts.


Q: Do you have a daily cannabis routine? What does that typically look or smell like?

A: I’m a daily dabber. I like starting my morning with a dab.


Q: Do you have a favorite edible or drink? What brands and flavors?

A: Honu’s Coconut Snowballs are DANGEROUSLY GOOD!


If you’re looking for recommendations, the KushKrew suggests trying Mammoth Labs or Emerald Jane’s Emerald Cookies Rosin 

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