Nana Pie strain

The KushKrew Recommends Nana Pie From Millennium Extracts

The Nana Pie strain from Millennium Extracts is a cross between the Strawberry Banana and Cherry Pie cannabis strains. Millennium Extracts is pushing out quality concentrates for mid-shelf prices. All of their grams are $30 and they all look like quality BHO extracts just like the Nana Pie.

Nana Pie has a greasy sugar wax consistency. Each dab was scooped on the tool with ease. Today, I woke with quite a bit of muscle soreness and an even a small dab of the Nana Pie took my mind off my muscle tension. It taste sweet like honey and bananas. The high provided me a happy focused buzz with ample amounts of body relaxation. The Nana Pie strain is something I would seek out again for post weight lifting relief.

Nana Pie strain

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • THC: 80%
  • Total THC: 82%
  • Total CBD: 0.43%

Terpenes Detected Based On Smell

  • Myrcene

Nana Pie Strain Overview

Nana Pie strain


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