Learn More About The Pax Portable Vaporizer Devices

Learn More About The Pax Portable Vaporizer Devices

Pax is a new vaporizer system that is carving out some market space on the recreational market, competing with other hitters like IndigoPro. They offer three different models: The Era is strictly for oil. The Pax 2 is for loose flower and the Pax 3 allows the user to smoke flower and vaporize oil. All of their devices feature up to ten-year warranties to ensure your hard earned money never goes to waste.


This is the sleekest device on the list.  The Pax Era has had critics choice awards from Tech Crunch, Cool Hunting, and Engadget. It pairs with Pax’s simple-click cartridges. These cartridges are only used with the Era and the oil is made by Washington extractors Dabstract. This device is simple, there are no buttons. Just plug in the cartridge and inhale, it’s really that simple. Some of the flavors out right now include Garlic Cookies, Black Russian x Do Si Do, Golden Pineapple, and Chem 91 x Animal Cookies. The Garlic Cookies is the most unique flavor in their lineup and it actually taste like garlic. This vape cost $30.

Learn More About The Pax Portable Vaporizer Devices


Pax 2

The Pax 2 has been given accolades from Business Insider, Gizmodo, and Digital Trends. This vaporizer is designed for dry flower only. This device has four separate temperature settings, all controlled with a simple single button interface.  This device is sleek and discreet, just like the Era. This one costs $150

Pax 3

The Pax 3 is the most versatile device on the list because it handles dry flower and Pax’s simple-click cartridges. Business Insider, Maxim, and The Huffington Post all have excellent things to say about the Pax 3. This set up comes with extra accessories, has vibration notifications, over 60 temperature settings and is Bluetooth enabled. This allows the device to connect to your smartphone via the official app. You can control your vape and change the settings with your phone. This is the most expensive device they offer at $250.


Pax sells all the replacement parts you could need for all of their devices. Cleaning kits, maintenance kits,  replacement screens, charging adapters, new concentrate inserts, and more. Be sure to ask your budtenders at KushMart about the Pax devices and all of the available flavors.

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