KushKrew’s Strain Recommendations For Baseball Season

Baseball season is back, and we’re all itching to throw on our M’s jersey’s and Uber down to Safeco Field for a game, beer and a hotdog. Here are some of the cannabis strains that the KushKrew will be pre-gaming with at home or in the city during the 2018 baseball season.

Baseball Season Strain Recommendations

Cherry Pie Mendo From House Of Cultivar – 3.5 Grams For $50

A cross between Mendo Breath and Cherry Pie. Cherry Pie Mendo is a fruity downer. Expect to be well relaxed for the game after using this strain.

Agent Orange From Sweet As Cannabis

Agent Orange is a cross between Orange Velvet and Jack The Ripper. Orange terpenes and an uplifting high will get your mind right before you settle in for all nine innings.

Big Sky Blueberry From Lilac City Gardens

Lilac City Gardens is always pumping out a quality product. Big Sky Blueberry will cover your pallet in berry terpenes and give you a balanced high that won’t overwhelm you during a big game.

Candyland From Sweetwater Farms – 3.5 Grams $40

You wouldn’t expect an uplifting offspring when breeding Grandaddy Purple with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, but that’s exactly what you get. These purple flowers will alleviate any foul mood before your team starts playing.

Atomic Orange From Oleum Extracts – 3.5 Grams $30

Known for their cannabis concentrates, Oleum grows a solid $30 eighth as well. These loud orange terpenes remind me of orange cleaning products and get me excited to watch Mariners’ fans meltdown halfway through the season.

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KushKrew Recommendations: A $500 Spending Guide For KushMart

If you’re the type who doesn’t check price tags, this is the spending guide for you. Here’s $500 worth of flower and concentrates that would make great additions to your stash.

Big Sky Blueberry – Lilac City Gardens – 14 Grams for $140

spending guide

Gorilla Crush – Fireline –  14 Grams for $125

spending guide

Arcata Trainwreck – Sweetwater Farms – 1 Gram for $40

Arcata Trainwreck is a mind warming strain that provides focus and motivation.

Spending Guide


Emerald Cookies Aqua Tek – Emerald Jane’s- 1 Gram for $40

Aqua Tek is a type of distillate that is translucent like water. You may have tried Emerald Cookies before, but you most likely haven’t tried it like this.

Emerald Cookies Rosin – Emerald Jane’s – 1 Gram for $60

Another top-shelf concentrated version of the Emerald Cookies strain, rosin is the result of applying extreme heat and pressure to flower or kief. It’s solventless has the consistency of chocolate you store in the refrigerator and has those smooth cookies taste.

Spending Guide

Grape Ape – Oleum Extracts – 1 Gram for $50

If you dab, you’ve heard of Oleum Extracts by now. Grape Ape is a staple Artizen strain, Oleum brings out the Terpene profile in a fantastic was through their honey crystal extraction process.

Spending Guide

Royal Kush Cake Icing – Dabstract – 1 Gram for $30

Royal Kush is a citrusy kush that has relaxing and mood uplifting effects. Dabstract’s cake icing is a great way to enjoy Royal Kush’s effects.

Spending Guide

509 Kush- Altered State – 1 Gram for $15

A cross between Master Kush and OG Kush, 509 Kush is heavy, with relaxing and sedative properties, Allbud reports. 

Spending Guide Total: 28 Grams of Flower and 5 Grams of Concentrates for $500


If you’re not a fan of racy strains, the KushKrew recommends trying Strawberry Lemonade and Pineapple Kush from Sweetwater Farm’s Sweet Collection.

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