Berner Helps Open Cookies Los Angeles Recreational Store In Maywood, California

Proposition 64 legalized the sale of recreational cannabis in California as of Jan. 1. Of the thousand or so businesses that opened their doors to adults 21 and over, none were more anticipated than Cookies Los Angeles in Maywood.

The Cookies Los Angeles debut was met with a line that wrapped around the block. Hundreds of people waited eagerly to buy strains like Biscotti, Lemonchello #19, Sherbet, Gelato, London Pound Cake and of course, the original Cookies strain. The fanfare was capped off with taco truck catering and star-studded cameo’s from B-Real and Berner himself, who was helping customers and hanging out with fans.

Berner & Cookies Los Angeles Help Maywood  Rebuild

Stoners and hip-hop heads weren’t the only people excited about the Cookies Fam and Berner’s move into the recreational cannabis industry. Maywood’s city officials are using recreational cannabis profits to bolster the city’s economy. Maywood gets 6 percent of Cookies Los Angeles profits for allowing them to operate in the city. That direct tax will be used to pay the city’s debt, fund city services, build up city infrastructure, and construct a new sheriff’s substation.

Berner is a rapper and cannabis entrepreneur. He’s the face of Cookies Fam’s cannabis and has helped turn the Cookies brand into a cannabis phenomenon. They have a cult following in the cannabis and hip-hop communities. Berner has done a tremendous job of intertwining Cookies references into well-crafted verses, adding to the brand’s luxurious aura. His latest album release “The Big Pescado,” coincided with the Cookies Los Angeles debut.

“I hit the G- pen on the plane then I take me a nap (I’m out)
The lemoncello’s so good that I keep every batch (I keep it all)
But you can grab a QP, just throw me a rack (I need a G)” Noid, The Big Pescado

The Cookies Fam is one of the most infamous breeders in cannabis culture. They’re the creators of the original Cookies strain that started a cookies revolution. You’re likely to find some kind of cookies strains on any retail or medical shelf on the west coast. Cookies strains are synonymous with frosted, colorful flowers that produce memorable flavors and euphoric effects. They used the original Cookies genetics to breed the likes of Gelato, Sherbet, and Biscotti. The Cookies Fam have stolen the hearts of occasional cannabis users and connoisseurs alike.

Berner has helped normalize cannabis through his music, social media presence and Cookies branded clothing. Holding down a spot in the recreational market will continue their push to make Cookies one of the most recognizable names in the cannabis industry. As glamorous as the Cookies Fam life is, there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make it happen. All of the work paid off, Cookies Los Angeles is a premier cannabis retailer in Southern California, part of the largest recreational cannabis market in the world. More than that, their work is directly helping rebuild the Maywood community. Something that goes far beyond growing and smoking weed.

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Jeff Sessions Attacks Cannabis Industry By Killing The Cole Memo

Last month Jeff Sessions and the GOP went after medical marijuana protections and now Sessions is putting the entire legal cannabis industry at risk. Sessions wrote a letter to all states saying the Cole Memorandum (Cole memo) is to be rescinded immediately. States are to follow the laws set forth by the Controlled Substance Act. Obama-era polices of noninterference pertaining to states marijuana laws are no longer in place.

What Is The Cole Memo?

The Cole memo is the document drafted by former Deputy Attorney General James Cole that was the binding set of regulations states recreational cannabis laws we’re to obey. As long as states were in 100 percent compliance with these laws, federal prosecutors would abstain from inference of cannabis related activities. States like Colorado have shown how serious they are about following the Cole memo’s rules. Last month the state raided 13 recreational dispensaries for state law violations. Colorado did this on its own accord with no prompting or help from DEA or any other federal agencies.

Jeff Sessions

Sessions didn’t outright tell federal prosecutors to go after cannabis businesses, but he removed the  leashes if any decide to do so themselves. In his letter Sessions mentions the finite resources they’re managing to prosecute marijuana cases, but to uphold federal law which still labels cannabis as a schedule-one drug. U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling of Massachusetts said his office would aggressively pursue cannabis related crimes but the states recreational marijuana law isn’t be addressed at this time. While Lelling seems to be lock-step with Sessions assessment that this is a “return to law,” most-everyone else seems to be unanimously against the move and are standing against Sessions and defending the Cole memo.

Another Trump Lie

Trump’s stance leading up to the 2017 election was to leave the states alone when it came to marijuana prosecution, a decision that held with President Obama and Attorney General Holder-era recommendations.

“I’m a states person, I think it should be up to the states,” Trump said.

Trump has been silent since Sessions rescinded the Cole memo. Trump hasn’t reigned in Session who’s been attacking cannabis since he took his attorney general position. Trump has not kept to his word on many things since he was elected, and the states cannabis rights is another entry on that long list of lies.

Defending The Cole Memo Against Jeff Sessions

Washington Governor Jay Inslee suggested the public stand firm and resist while Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said “we’re not messing around” in regards defending the Washington’s cannabis industry. Massachusetts Gov.  Charlie Baker, U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer of the District of Colorado, Republican Senator Cory Gardner, Lt. Governor of California Gavin Newsome  and the Koch brothers are just some of the law makers and policy influencers that disagree with Sessions attack on the cannabis industry.

It’s well known that the war on drugs perpetuates racial stereotypes dealing with drug use and disproportionately effects black and brown neighborhoods, systematically ruining thousands of peoples lives. For Sessions to restart a drug war that’s wasted billions of tax dollars with no positive impact to show for it; is downright insulting to the critically thinking voters of this country. The majority of whom at minimum support medical cannabis if not complete legalization.

Cannabis needs to be further researched to fully understand its benefits and detriments, but it’s unanimously agreed that it’s safer than opioids, which is plaguing out country. It’s also safer than alcohol and tobacco; both are legal and regulated by the government despite having no medical usage whatsoever.

In Washington consumers have purchased $2.48 billion in cannabis, paid $223 million in sales tax $682 million in marijuana tax. That’s almost a $1 billion budget for Washington to fight Sessions decision. These numbers are as of Oct. 2017, according to 502data.

KushMart opened in November 2014 and has been a top-ranked recreational pot shop since day 1. We’re located at 6309 Evergreen Way STE C minutes off of Interstate 5. With ample parking, you will be in and out in no time and with our amazing selection and best prices you will have a smile on your face.