Thursday Daily Deals: Save Big On The Best Vape Brands In The Store

The Thursday daily deals are for all you discretionary, hard-working stoners. Save 20 percent off all vape cartridges and all-in-one vaporizers in the store.

Thursday Daily Deals List

Mt. Rainier From Optimum Extracts – $35 Per 0.5 Gram Cartridge

Mt. Rainier is a potent strain that will leave a memorable impression, much like seeing the mountain its named after. Optimum makes one of the most popular vape cartridges on the market.

Weekend adventures can be fast paced or full of “Netflix and chill”. Either way, we got you covered with our CCELL disposable! 🙌🏽 First ever to the Washington market, this disposable is powerful, big hitting and smooth! Featuring our Pure CO2 cannabis oil and battery in one sleek design, this is a great way to try cartridges for any novice or cannaseur! 🌿💨💨 #optimumextracts . . . This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children. . . . #optimumexperience #itsthefreakinweekend #weekendvibes #fueledbythc #budtenders #i502 #ccelldisposable #thisishowwedoit #tastetheterpenes #cannabissociety #weedlove #thcdistillate #budtenderlife #highlife #weedculture #co2oil #terps #weedsociety #420lifestyle #budtendersociety #pnweed #washingtonweed #terpsauce #marijuanaismedicine #cannabisdaily #weeddaily #710life #weedfeed

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DJ Short Blueberry From MFused – $35 Per 0.5 Gram Cartridge

MFused only uses cannabis in their cartridges, no fillers. DJ Short Blueberry is one of the heaviest blueberry strains you’ll find on the market. A great choice for an experienced user or someone looking to feel sedated.


Grape Ape From Oleum Extracts – $40 Per 0.5 Gram Cartridge

Oleum needs no introduction. Their products can be found on store shelves all over the state and their always a crowd favorite. You can always count on their Grape Ape run from Artizen to taste great and provide solid effects.

Strawberry Lemonade From Honey Tree Extracts – $40 Per 1 Gram Cartridge

Honey Tree Extracts is powered by the Bodhi High team. Their budget brand saves you money and you’re getting the same safe and clean product you’d expect from Bodhi. Strawberry Lemonade is an upbeat strain that has a fruity terpene profile.

Pear From Refine Seattle – $50 Per 1 Gram Cartridge 

It tastes like Pears and it comes from Refine, what more could you want? (Unless you hate pears.)

Blue Dream From Avitas – $60 Per 1 Gram Cartridge

Experience this classic Blueberry and Haze cross in on of the most popular vape cartridges on the market. Avitas cartridges are known for their high quality.

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KushMart is proud to host one of the biggest 4:20 sales IN THE COUNTRY!
This year we are bringing it back with up to 50% OFF major brands including Sweet Water, Oleum, House of Cultivar and Pioneer Nuggets! We will also have $4.20 grams$10 eighths, and $1 2pack  J’s. You won’t find these deals anywhere else but KushMart this 4:20 so don’t forget to mark your calendars!

Adults 21 and over can purchase up to one ounce of usable cannabis flower, 16 ounces of cannabis-infused edibles in solid form, 72 ounces of cannabis drinkables, and 7 grams of cannabis concentrates.

If you’re a registered medical cannabis patient, the limits are:

Three ounces of usable cannabis flower, forty-eight ounces of cannabis-infused edibles in solid form, two hundred sixteen ounces of cannabis drinkables, and twenty-one grams of cannabis concentrates, per the Washington State Department of Health.


Why You Should Try The Tangie Sugar Crumble From Honey Tree Extracts

Honey Tree Extracts are processed by the team at Bodhi High. This is their bargain brand, but you’re getting a high-quality product for $25 per gram. Sugar crumble is one of my favorite concentrates because of the balance between high cannabinoid percentages and well round terpene profiles. Honey Tree’s Tangie strain has a vibrant orange aroma and flavor.

The high myrcene content is what gives Tangie its orange aromatics. At 2.5 percent, myrcene accounts for half of the total terpenes detected. Tangie gave me a cerebral buzz and not a lot more. This strain is good for people who enjoy smoking during the day and still need to be productive.

Tangie strain

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total THC: 74%
  • Total CBD: 0.59%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 85%

Terpenes Detected

  • α-Pinene: 0.53%
  • Myrcene: 2.5%
  • Limonene: 0.46%
  • Caryophyllene: 0.28%
  • Total Terpenes: 5%

Tangie Strain Overview

Tangie strain


If you’re not a fan of uplifting strains, the KushKrew recommends trying UW Purp from Lilac City Gardens

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