Best Way To Spend $100 at KushMart: Treat Yourself to Some Top Shelf

Every Friday, KushMart is going to be focusing on different ways you can spend money in the store. If you just got paid and you’re looking to try some top shelf, we suggest Ewok from Nebula Gardens and Chem Mint Cookies from House of Cultivar. 

Ewok- Nebula Gardens- $50 1/8

Ewok is a cross between Albert Walker and Tahoe Alien. This strain won the 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup, Leafly reports. Ewok has aromatics that range from tangerine to lemon. This is strain is named after the Ewoks of Endoor because the nugs are short and hairy.

“This hybrid to was bred to hold onto its huge yield potential, while introducing some OG & Alien funk/potency to an old proven favorite” -Alien Genetics Seed-Finder Profile

Chem Mint Cookies- House of Cultivar- $50 1/8

Chem Mint Cookies is most likely a combination of Chemdawg genetics and a thin-mint cookies phenotype. Weed reviewer Toasted N Posted reports it’s a cross between Tres Dawg and 91 Chem. This strain produces thick and full flower that is covered in trichomes. The cooling mint and lemon aromatics are wonderful to behold. House of Cultivar puts out a tremendous product and it’s well worth your money.

“I am enchanted by the soothing ferocity that I have discovered within Chem Mint Cookies” –Toasted N Posted

KushMart opened in November 2014 and has been a top-ranked recreational pot shop since day 1. We’re located at 6309 Evergreen Way STE C minutes off of Interstate 5. With ample parking, you will be in and out in no time and with our amazing selection and best prices you will have a smile on your face.


Learn About KushMart’s Top Products With Michael Kim

Check out this product highlight for the latest and greatest from KushMart. Michael Kim showed me some of his favorites in the store.

Oleum Extracts

This trio of Oleum products is sure to start or end you week off right.

White Walker is a Dope Cup Award winner for best wax. Game Of Thrones just started back up, so take some White Walker dabs as you watch Khalessi take back the seven kingdoms.

Oleum’s distillate is some of the purest and most potent on the market. Their Fire OG strain is a sativa-hybrid.

Grab their OG Purp cartridge for a heavy indica expereince.

Clandestine’s Strawberry Candy Romper

For all the dab heads out there, Clandestine produces some of the best shatter on the market. And for the price, you may not be able to find anything better. Their Strawberry Candy Stomper tests at slightly over 80% potency, and you can’t miss the golden-yellow color shining through their clear packaging.

product highlight

Green Rush’s Professor Chaos.

This is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is crossed from Mad Scientist and Jack The Ripper, per Leafly. These names are all very aggressive, I get it. But the effects aren’t so malevolent. Although potent, the effects won’t have you paranoid staring through the peephole. This strain is great for people who need to stay high, as well as productive.

product highlight

Nebula Garden’s Sour Diesel

Another strain for all you sativa smokers. To me, Sour Diesel is a classic sativa strain. It’s one I will always fall back on if there isn’t anything else catching my eye. Nebula Garden’s grows some of the pretties buds on the market with packaging to match.

product highlight

Emerald Jane’s Emerald Cookies

Their packaging might not catch your eye, but the product inside is top notch. Emerald Jane’s had gotten stellar reviews from budtenders in the industry. Emerald Cookies is a hybrid that is perfect for relaxing or staying active. It offers a balanced experience.

product highlight

Olala Soda

Sweetened with cane sugar these are a thirst quenching alternative for THC consumption. Offering several flavors: Orange Cream Lemon Lime and Ginseng Cola, and potency options: 10mg, 50mg, and 100mgs. You can find a flavor and strength for your desired experience.

product highlight

Legit Infused Joints

This was Michael’s favorite product he showed during my visit, you could tell how excited he was just to talk about it.

“Usually, I’m not excited about a joint unless I rolled it myself,” Michael said with a laugh.

These pre-rolls are an exception. They have ¾ a gram of flower infused with bubble hash and sherbet shatter.

Michael told a story about smoking one of these with 3 other people, two veteran smokers and one rookie. The rookie tapped out and ubered home. The two veterans were actually surprised at how high they were from just one shared joint.

Kush Mart sold 104 of these on a single Friday, so grab them while they last!

product highlight


KushMart opened in November 2014 and has been a top ranked recreational pot shop since day 1.



NFL Week 6 Dopest Plays Round Up With Blueberry Pancakes From Nebula Gardens

Nebula Gardens is a newer brand on the scene and they are already making waves with some of the best quality flower on the shelf. Blueberry Pancakes is a cross between Blueberry DJ Short and Oasis. This indica hybrid has strong notes of blueberry with hints of sweet syrup. Melt into you lazy boy and enjoy all the biggest plays from NFL week 6 of 2017 season.

Don’t miss these dope plays from NFL Week 6

Brent Grimes breaks A.P’s ankles after interception.

Jason McCourty pick six.

Treadwell makes a fantastic one handed catch.

Harrison Smith makes one handed interception.

Adrian Peterson finds the fountain of youth in Cardinals debut.

The first opening kick off return touchdown of the 2017 season.

Leonard Fournett continues to set the NFL on fire with this 75 yard touchdown run. 

Antonio Brown catches ball one handed of tip and gallops for long touchdown.

KushMart opened in November 2014 and has been a top-ranked recreational pot shop since day 1.

We’re located at 6309 Evergreen Way STE C minutes off of Interstate 5. With ample parking, you will be in and out in no time and with our amazing selection and best prices you will have a smile on your face.

NFL Week 6