The Best Pairing For Coffee Is THC And CBD

Here in Washington, coffee is the king and queen of quick food or drinks. Many critics will say that the best pairing for coffee is food when actually, it’s all about coffee and cannabis. If you like to wake n bake, coffee and cannabis can sometimes be a tricky situation.

Mixing coffee and cannabis can sometimes lead to your body feeling weird. Compare it to mixing a sleeping pill with a shot of adrenaline. Mentally you’re likely to be tired from an indica strain but the caffeine is likely to keep you pushing. If you can identify which strains work for you, or if you can figure out your ratio of liquid THC and CBD, we’re confident that coffee and cannabis can easily become a positive addition to your day.

Caffeine supplies the energy and a little motivation while cannabis typically brings about euphoria and creativity. This sounds like a great strategy for productive success. With innovation in the cannabis industry improving at such a fast pace, it is no surprise that companies like Pearl2O and Ollala have created products that are perfect for those of you looking for that perfect cup of joe.

When you visit Kushmart next, ask for the Pearl2O weed water. If you pour 1 shot, roughly 5-10mg of THC & CBD into a cup of coffee, you’d be surprised how quick the effects of the cannabis actually hits you. We regularly use this product as an ingredient with teas and sparkling drinks.

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