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1937 Farms is a family-owned craft cannabis farm located in the foothills of Snoqualmie Valley. The producer/processor got its start in 2014 due to the appreciation for cannabis shared between Jeffery McCoy and his brother Matt. Their experiences growing up in California showed them the benefits of cannabis both recreationally and medically. 

Hybrid Hydro Process

1937 Farms utilizes a “hybrid hydro process” to cultivate their plants. The process uses organic soil for the vegetative stage, followed by a hydroponic system for the flowering stage. The operation is chemical and pesticide-free. Instead of harsh chemicals and solvents, the company uses beetles, nematodes, and ladybugs to naturally keep pests away. 

1937 Farms Strain Line-Up 

Bavarian Cream 
Bavarian cream plant
1937 farms weed bavarian cream strain also

Bavarian Cream by 1937 Farms is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. The hybrid is a cross between Cookies N’ Cream x Grandpa’s Breath. Containing around 20% THC, the strain exhibits classically indica properties like potentially sedative effects and full-body relaxation. The light green nugs contain amber hairs and a thick layer of crystal trichomes. The dominant terpene in the Bavarian Cream strain is myrcene. The terpene lends the strain nutty, sweet, and spicy flavors with a hint of diesel. The strain may help in aiding medical issues such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression. 

Cake Crasher 
Cake Crasher plant
also weed strain cake crasher

Cake Crasher is a sativa-leaning cross between Wedding Cake and Wedding Crasher. 

The 1937 Farms strain contains around 22% THC, with caryophyllene as its dominant terpene. The terpene creates a flavor palette that tastes sweet and gassy with a fruity aroma. Users may experience a potentially hazy, creativity-boosting high with some slightly sedative properties. The strain has large, fluffy green nugs that are extremely frosty. Bright orange pistols can be seen throughout the strain. Cake Crasher may be helpful in aiding health issues such as stress and anxiety. 

Vanilla Berry Pie
1937 Farms vanilla berry pie plant
also vanilla berry pie strain

Vanilla Berry Pie is another indica-dominant hybrid on the 1937 Farms lineup. The strain is a triple cross between Royal Kush, Cherry Pie, and Sunset Sherbert. The bud has long grape-shaped nugs that are bright green in color. The strain has purple undertones and orange hairs all over. Vanilla Berry Pie contains around 19.94% THC.

The strain’s dominant terpene is unknown, but users may experience a sweet, berry flavor with hints of cookies and cake. The taste compliments the aroma with a similar palette. The effects of the strain have been known to have a slightly “creeping” effect. Users may experience a full-bodied sense of relaxation with a potentially uplifting cerebral high. The strain may be useful in aiding in the treatment of anxiety or depression. 

Waiting Game 
1937 Farms waiting game plant
also Waiting Game weed strain

A cross between the classic Face Off OG X Kush Mints strains, Waiting Game carries a potentially intoxicating high with a crisp, minty flavor palette. Waiting Game has sticky green nugs that are coated in resin. The nugs give off a fresh, floral scent when cracked open. As far as flavor, the strain contains heavy notes of citrus paired with a floral, piney taste. Users may experience a heavy body-high with a potentially stress-relieving cerebral high. The 1937 Farms Waiting Game strain may be helpful in treating medical issues such as insomnia. 

1937 Farms is a popular brand at KushMart. We carry each of these products at our Everett store. Head over to our online menu or visit us in-store to learn more and to purchase cannabis products.

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