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Gone are the days of waiting around for a good deal to come by at the dispensary. At KushMart in Everett, great deals can be enjoyed daily. As one of our ongoing deals, we loaded up the week with a different 20% off deal each day. We made sure to keep all preferences in mind, so at least one day of the week will peak your interest. Check out our lineup of daily deals below.

20% Off Cannabis Daily at KushMart

Munchie Monday

Every Monday, customers can enjoy 20% off all edible products. Here at KushMart, we offer hundreds of edibles in various forms. Ranging from candies, chocolates, and gummies to drinks and snacks, there’s an option for nearly any craving. Popular products that we recommend checking out include 4.20 Bar’s line of chocolates and the various flavors that Blaze Soda has to offer.

Additionally on Mondays, customers will receive 30% off all online orders.

blaze root beer
20% Off Cannabis in Everett Every Day of the Week

Topshelf Tuesday

Every Tuesday, customers can save 20% on top shelf flower products. This deal includes one gram packages as well as 8ths. Some of the premium strains a part of this deal include 1937 Farm’s High Society and Cookies’ Pancakes.

Waxy Wednesday

Moving up the ladder, every Wednesday, we offer 20% off all of our concentrate products. Here at KushMart, our shelves are stocked with nearly every form of cannabis oil, from rosin, shatter, and badder, to RSO, hash, syringes, and so much more. Head to our online menu to check out everything we have to offer.

Vape Thursday

Every Thursday, customers can enjoy 20% off all vape cartridges. This does not include pods and disposables. If you’re looking for premium distillate, check out Cold Smoke Concentrates’ various cartridges including Poisoned Zkittles. However, if you’re looking for solventless oil, check out Constellation Cannabis’ cartridges.

kushmart 20% off cannabis in everett deal
kushmart 20% off cannabis in everett deal


On Fridays, customers have the chance to enjoy our 20% off deal without having to stick to a specific product type. This is the perfect opportunity to mix up your order with multiple forms of cannabis. The only criteria is that your order must be at least $100. Visit our online menu to browse what we have to offer or come visit us in-store!

Spliff Saturday

Every Saturday here at KushMart in Everett, we offer 20% off all of our pre-roll and blunt products. We offer multiple kinds of pre-rolls. We, of course, offer traditional one gram pre-rolls. However, our more exciting offerings consist of Gold Leaf Garden’s 4g Cannarillo, Packwoods, Sugar Stix, and more.

kushmart 20% off cannabis in everett deal
kushmart 20% off cannabis in everett deal

Stock up Sunday

Stock up for the week ahead on Sundays at KushMart. Every Sunday, we offer 20% off all bulk flower packs. This includes packs consisting of either 7 grams (quarter ounce), 14 grams (half ounce), or 28 grams (full ounce). We offer the majority of our strains in bulk at already great prices. Head on over to our online menu to browse through the hundreds of strains we have to offer.

Shop 20% Off Cannabis Products Daily

Our daily 20% off deals are a great way for you to enjoy your favorite products at discounted prices regularly, as well as a great opportunity for you to enjoy new products without gambling the full cost. Browse our online menu, give us a call, or come visit us in-store for all of your cannabis needs at a consistently discounted rate.

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