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420 Weed Deals in Everett: Up to 50% Off Select Cannabis Products at KushMart North

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Every stoner’s favorite holiday is just days away. 420, aka the 20th of April, is a holiday celebrated by weed lovers all over the world, typically by smoking copious amounts of cannabis with friends. With the legalization of cannabis in many places, 420 has also become a great day to enjoy some of the best weed deals of the year. Most dispensaries offer huge discounts on 420 to celebrate, and we’re no exception here at KushMart North.

Stock up for the holiday with up to 50% off a wide range of products at our Everett dispensary on April 20th. You can enjoy these deals during our normal hours of 8 AM to 11:45 PM. Keep reading to get the full rundown on our 420 sale.

420 Weed Deals at KushMart North

We kept every type of consumer in mind with our 420 sale. Whether you prefer flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, or something else, there will be a deal for you to take advantage of. Some of the brands you’ll find on sale include Cosmic Candies, Crystal Clear, Emerald Janes, Field Day, House of Diamonds, Flipside, No Mids, Packwoods, Maltby, Plaid Jacket, Playa Grande, Toasted, and more.

Flower Deals

If you prefer the classic way to consume cannabis, look towards our 420 flower deals. 8ths of Playa Grande flower will be on sale for $30, which is $25 off the normal price of $55. Some of these strains include Cake Crasher, Blueberry Runtz, and Grande Gorilla Cream.

Further, No Mids 8ths are normally $40, but on 420, you can cop this bud for $25. Additionally, if you’re looking for a larger pack, check out Emerald Janes’ full ounce of mini buds for only $105; this is nearly 50% off its normal price of $200.

420 weed deals in everett at kushmart north
420 weed deals in everett at kushmart north
Concentrate Deals

On 420, we’re offering huge deals on various types of concentrates from multiple brands. Live resin from Malt B Cannabis will be $15 off its normal price of $40, making it only $25 per gram; their rosin will also be $15 off, totalling to only $45 per gram. Further, we’re offering No Mids rosin for 50% off; this makes it $45 per gram, instead of $90. Lastly, arguably our best deal is Toasted dabs for only $4 per gram.

Vape Deals

If you prefer your concentrates in a more convenient form, you’ll be happy to hear that we also have great deals on vape carts for 420. Both of NW Cannabis Solutions’ cartridges will be on sale. Their Crystal Clear live resin cartridges will be available for $30, down from their usual price of $50. Their All-In-One Cartridges will be $40, which is $20 off its original price of $60.

Edible Deals
420 weed deals in everett at kushmart north
420 weed deals in everett at kushmart north

420 isn’t complete without a tasty edible treat. Enjoy more than 50% off Cosmic Candies by NW Cannabis Solutions. The usual price for these 100mg 10-pack of candies is $25, and on 420, they will be available for only $8-10.

420 in Everett

As for all of the other brands mentioned that we didn’t go into detail about, well, you’ll have to come stop by our Everett dispensary on 420 and see for yourself! If you’d like to plan out your purchase ahead of time, browse our online menu.

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