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Airo is an exciting brand taking over the vape market. The AiroPro series vaporizers are an exciting new addition to our menu at KushMart North. They use their expertise to develop effortlessly smooth vapes. Because Airo focuses on both design and function, their products are a whole new level of craft cartridges.

We carry an array of AiroPro products at our Kushmart North dispensary. Airo has a diverse lineup of cartridge options to fit any flavor and smoking style. They offer live flower and live resin concentrates in strain- and artisan-specific vaporizers. You can find Airo products on our menu or in-store; continue reading to learn about some of the most popular Airo products at our Everett dispensary.

Airo Brands at KushMart


Strain Series

Airo uses naturally derived terpenes from fresh flower. They have crafted some of the best strain-specific cartridges. The Strain Series makes tasting your favorite flavors easier than ever. These cartridges are created at a craft level with well-developed terpene profiles. When you’re looking for your favorite flavor you’ll find it in the Strain Series.

Lemon Gasolina Strain Series

The Airo Strain Series uses naturally derived fresh terpenes. This gives Lemon Gasolina its distinct, true-to-strain flavor profile. Lemon Gasolina is also known as Lemon OG. It is a heavy, sour OG aroma. The Lemon Skunk and OG Kush lineage help its thick smell stick to your nose. Lemon Gasolina has a surprisingly sweet flavor despite its skunky smell. You might find a potential jolt of energy after hitting Airo’s Strain Series vape.

Live Resin Series

The Airo Live Resin Series is created using premium wax and concentrates. Sourcing from their unique profiles, Airo has found the perfect way to preserve products. Each cartridge in the Live Resin Series has full-spectrum cannabis oils to give the perfect pull every time. Airo’s Live Resin line is great for cannaseurs who want to try their concentrates in a new way.

Dream Cake Live Series

Dream Cake, also known as Wedding Cake, is a hazy concoction from Airo’s Live Resin lineup. This strain is a creamy smooth smoke. The Live Resin Series features cartridges made with full-spectrum concentrates. Using the unique, original terpene profile from fresh frozen flower, Airo is able to create completely unique strain experiences. Dream Cake isn’t just dense in flavor. This Live Series cartridge packs a punch with a high THC content. It may leave you feeling ready to socialize and smoke some more.

Artisan Series

Airo Artisan is a top-shelf experience for any smoker. These cartridges are made with 100% botanical terpenes to preserve unique flavor and aroma profiles. Because the Artisan Series uses fresh flavors, there is no shortage of unique combinations. Mixing something new with something tried and true has resulted in some of the most flavorful vapes around.

Diesel Berry Artisan Series

The Airo Artisan Series utilizes proprietary techniques to craft next-level products. This series uses botanical terpenes to craft completely unique strains. From fruit to floral and even savory notes, there’s an Artisan product for anyone. One of our favorites is Diesel Berry for its heavy flavor and mentally uplifting high. Diesel Berry has a heavy fruit flavor with a gassy finish. Most find it gives them a potentially relaxing experience in both the mind and body.

Live Flower Series

Not to be confused with the Strain Series, the Live Flower Series sources straight from the plant itself. Combining top-shelf, premium plant material with proven processes results in bold, original vapes. Airo doesn’t shy away from loading up their cartridges with real taste while leaving out all of the filler. The Live Flower Series is no different with its terpene-heavy tastes.

Skunk #1 Live Flower Series

Skunk #1 in the Live Flower Series is just what the name suggests. The Live Flower Series comes from top-quality, fresh flower. Airo has their hands-on growers create unique cultivars that become the Live Flower Series. Skunk #1 is true to taste with a heavy sour smell and pine taste. Moreover, Skunk #1 is known to leave you potentially relaxed and borderline couch-locked with happiness. You’ll find Skunk #1 to potentially offer unlimited unwinding while it melts away stress.

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