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At KushMart, offering the top pot products in Washington State is the highest priority. Menu items include well known and locally loved brands like Artizen, Fireline and all brands listed below. If you’re headed out to the trails or slopes in the Cascades or North toward Mount Baker, this Everett retailer is the perfect place to stop and pick up your ganja goodies. So, get active and get outside, but first try one of KushMart’s top cannabis products for the month of August.

 clandestine gardens ATF cannabis products weed near everett kushmart cannabis

Clandestine Gardens – ATF

Alaskan Thunder F*ck is a predominantly sativa cannabis flower, said to be bred from a Northern California sativa, Russian ruderalis (industrial hemp) and Afghani genetics. The Limonene and Pinene terpenes present in this bud produce a citrusy and clean aroma. Clandestine Gardens grew this batch of ATF, testing in at 25% total THC. Activities perfectly matched for this potent and uplifting combination of effects include everything from kayaking to hitting the slopes. Included in the package is a goofy slap with an illustrated face-off of man versus bear. Before you venture out, pick up this energizing flower at KushMart – and hopefully you won’t run into any bears.

top shelf wa granddaddy purple cannabis products weed near everett kushmart cannabis

Top Shelf – Granddaddy Purple

Some may ask, if it’s called Granddaddy Purple – is it actually purple? The sugar leaves and bud range from a slight violet hue into a deep olive green, adorned with amber pistils and dusted in white trichome crystals. Top Shelf is a producer of premium cannabis products in Washington State and they pride themselves on the aroma and potency of their dense nugs! An impressive fruity grape top note will creep out of any open package of this potent batch, tested at 24% total cannabinoids and 20.5% total THC.

smokey point productions arlington producer dirty girl cannabis products weed near everett kushmart cannabis

Smokey Point Productions (SPP) – Dirty Girl

Arcata Lemon Wreck and Cinderella 99 were bred to engineer this full blown sativa. Smokey Point Productions is a Washington State cannabis producer and processor based in Arlington. This pot company belongs to the Arlington Cannabis Coalition – a group of recreational marijuana growers, processors and retailers who have banded together in volunteer efforts, for the better of the community. One of their first projects was cleaning up Twin Rivers Park with other producers, including Avitas and Pioneer Nuggets.

Dirty Girl is an earthy and sweet strain, and would be an excellent pairing for a long trail run with a four-legged friend or an intensive power yoga flow.

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