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Aurum Farms: Award-Winning Cannabis That’s “Good As Gold”

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Aurum Farms brings a whole new meaning to small-batch craft cannabis by offering connoisseurs some of the most terpene-rich flower in Washington State. This award-winning brand is based out of Lyman and produces some of the finest quality cannabis in the Pacific Northwest. Aurum Farms began growing cannabis for medical patients in 2013.

Since then, they have been dead-set on cultivating clean products for consumers in the state of Washington. The team at Aurum Farms has held firm to its mission of hunting for elite genetics to produce craft cannabis that has noteworthy flavors and effects.  This may be why the demand for Aurum’s flower has steadily increased since they entered the recreational scene.

Craft Cannabis by Aurum Farms 

Aurum Farms focuses on cultivating a handful of carefully curated phenos to perfection. Their goal is to provide customers with elite genetics that create highly desirable experiences and are available at affordable prices. Aurum Farms produces popular strains such as:

  • Lemon G
  • Kosher Kush
  • Tropicana Cookies
  • GSC
  • Grape Bubba
  • Wedding Cake
  • GG4
  • Gelato 33

This producer consistently ranks as a top performer in the cannabis industry. Aurum Farms was chosen as one of the “Top Ten Strains” in 2015 (by High Times Magazine). This farm was also put on a list of the Best Pot in Washington in 2017. The flower cultivated by Aurum Farms truly is as good as gold. Every mouth-watering pheno is grown indoors with living soil. They carefully trim it by hand and ensure that everything is completely pesticide-free.

This innovative brand even has its own worm farm that they use to help replace harsh chemicals and fertilizers. Aurum Farm’s unique soil blend came from KIS Organics (based out of Redmond, WA.) This living soil allows Aurum’s plants to grow without the added support of bottled nutrients. This living soil also adds a layer of sustainability to Aurum’s farming practices. It is completely reusable, with only a few adjustments that you need to make between grow cycles. The outcome? Safer cannabis that is brimming with flavor and has the potential to produce longer-lasting effects. 

Find Aurum Farms at KushMart North 

Aurum Farms maintains its craft cannabis roots by choosing to produce quality strains over large quantities of flower.  Aurum harvests its flower every two weeks (one strain at a time,) curing it using a unique process. This results? Tantalizing terpene profiles and extraordinarily fragrant buds. Their limited runs are known to fly off shelves and are usually dank and potent in nature.  Luckily, we try to keep Aurum Farms in stock at this Everett dispensary

Kushmart North is Washington’s premier dispensary for Aurum Farm’s freshest drops. We are proud to offer our customers a variety of strains from the Aurum Farms product line. Check out our menu to place an online order or visit us in-store to learn more.

Shop Washington Cannabis at KushMart North

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