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Order Hot Sugar Panda Candies For KushMart’s Halloween Sale

Phat Panda cultivates one of the largest strain and product menus in the state. Phat Panda’s Hot Sugar Panda Candies come in over 20 flavors and are powered by UFuse; an advanced infusion process that binds cannabinoids to sugar and salt crystals. Hot Sugar Panda Candies come in colorful 10 packs, each piece is individually […]

Learn More About Marmas Cannabis Infused Edibles

Marmas cannabis-infused chews are some of the most recognized products in the edible market. Marmas come in multiple flavors and cannabinoid options. Marmas come in more flavor options than most other edible brands on the market, allowing consumers to find the one flavor they can stand, or try something new every single time. Flavors include […]

Learn More About Refine Seattle – Part Of KushMart’s Halloween Sale

Refine Seattle uses their proprietary cannabis oil extraction methods to create loud resin and partners with the states best producers for the best starting material. Refine specializes in cannabis extraction and cannabis extraction only. Cannabis farmers line up for Refine to blast their flower into some of the states most popular cannabis oil. Refine started […]

Learn More About Green Baker Cannabis Infused Cookies

Green Baker cannabis-infused cookies are made by Green Revolution. Part of their elevate product line, these cookies are gluten-free and delicious. Green Baker has become one of the most recognizable brands in the edible section thanks to their signature cool chef, with the thick beard, aviators and green chef hat. Green Baker cookies come in snickerdoodle […]