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The Best Strains To Enjoy While At The Future Of Flight Aviation Center

Everett is home to the Future of Flight Aviation Center. This is the only public jet assembly plant tour in North America.

“Explore the interactive exhibits and displays in our 28,000-square-foot Aviation Center Gallery; then take a 90-minute tour of the Boeing plant where you can watch 747s777s, or 787 Dreamliners being assembled right before your eyes.”

Sounds like the perfect thing to enjoy cannabis with. KushMart always has recommendations to elevate your experience at the aviation center. Generally, sativa strains will give you energetic head highs which are good for museums and tours.

Sativa Strains on KushMart Menu

  • Absinthe, Re-Up, $10 pre gram, $30 per 1/8
  • Allen Wrench, Artizen, $12 per gram, $40 per 1/8
  • SeaTown Lemon Haze, Western Cultured, $45 per 1/8
  • Candyland, Sweetwater Farms, $12 per gram, $40 per 1/8, $70 per 1/4

Boeing Education Tours

  • The Boeing Career Tour
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Career Tour
  • Barry Smith Gliding Into Innovation
  • 3D Printing Workshop

Aviation Center Exhibits

Aviation Center Information

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