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Artizen Brand: Exotic, Indoor-Grown Cannabis Flower, Pre-Rolls, and Vapes At Kushmart North

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Ready to find the best selection of Artizen Brand products? Kushmart is Washington’s premier dispensary for all of their freshest drops. Artizen is a craft cannabis brand that has been bringing exotic strains to life since 2014. In addition to growing standout cannabis, they’ve also made a name for themselves by supporting their local communities. We’re proud to carry their newest roster of flower, pre-rolls, and vapes.

You can find their products on the shelves of Kushmart North in Everett. Artizen Brand has created a unique lineup of full-spectrum flavors. Every step of the process is handled in-house by Artizen’s team of cannabis experts. The true focus is on their ability to take one-of-a-kind genetics and turn them into some of the best products Washington has to offer. They’ve invested in education and experience to create one of the longest-running legal operations in the state. We’ve highlighted Artizen cannabis strains and products you can find right now at Kushmart.

Dutchberry Flower

Artizen blows the roof off with their Dutchberry strain. This is the perfect craft strain with award-winning flavor and aroma. You’ll find Dutchberry has a surprisingly floral nose, not only from its unique terpenes but also with hints of rose, rosemary, and pine. Artizen’s Dutchberry flower has a distinct, tart, and tangy pop of raspberry flavor. You might find yourself potentially stimulated and at ease with no anxiety insight. Dutchberry is an ideal strain for easing into the evening without stress or physical pain.

Galactic Glue PreRoll

Artizen Brand’s 1G Galactic Glue pre-roll might sit you down and tell you to chill. Galactic Glue is a skunky strain with potentially sedative effects. You’ll find yourself ready for some serious Netflix and Chill when you are enjoying Artizen’s potentially arousing and calming preroll. This is an ideal strain for someone who wants gassy and fruity flavor. Galactic Glue might have you glued to the couch without the heady haze. Most find the potential physical relief that Galactic Glue provides to be an out-of-this-world experience. Galactic Glue along with your favorite snacks, as well as a good movie, is a recipe for a potentially relaxing night.

Allen Wrench

Artizen Brand delivers its potent flower in a convenient cartridge. This discreet option offers the same flavor and potentially energetic experience as traditional Allen Wrench. You might find yourself buzzing with brain activity ready to create something new. It has a spicy aroma that is less pepper which consequently gives Allen Wrench a sweeter rather than savory flavor. The unique taste is reminiscent of spiced citrus fruit. Artizen’s Allen Wrench Cart might provide a one-two punch of strong flavor and high-THC.

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