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Birrieria Tijuana Cooks Up Authentic & Flavorful Birria-Style Dishes Around Washington

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Eating at Birrieria Tijuana is more than just a quick fill-me-up; it’s an authentic, welcoming, and delectably delightful Mexican dining experience in Everett, Lakewood, and Burien, Washington.

Birrieria Tijuana

Birrieria Tijuana cooks up a range of dishes like burritos and tortas, but they’re most known for their birria-style tacos and dishes. What makes birria tacos so special and flavorful is the juicy stew meat and stew-dipped tortillas that give it an addictively crispy bite. Birria refers to the sauce that the meat is cooked in, which contains a mixture of chilis, onions, tomatoes, and spices.

birrieria tijuana restaurant
birrieria tijuana

Beyond just tacos, Birrieria Tijuana offers other birria style dishes, like the birria burrito, plato birria soup, caldo birria soup, pizzabirria, ramen birria, quesabirria, and birria seca. Many of these dishes come with a Consome soup on the side for dipping.

While they focus on flavor, their portion sizes are also to rave for. You’ll either leave there extremely full or with leftovers. And if you somehow have room for dessert afterward, Birrieria makes churros and mangonada to quench your sweet tooth. Adding to the already scrumptious sweet flavor, their churros can be topped with ice cream, syrup, and a cherry.

birrieria tijuana
birrieria tijuana

The dining experience matches the quality of their food. The atmosphere is filled with festive decor and the staff is welcoming and helpful, treating each customer like family. They’re accommodating when it comes to dietary needs and restrictions, and have many vegan options. They also have a banquet room to host larger parties or for special occasions. And to add to the well-deserved hype, Birrieria is priced affordably.

Locals Love Birrieria Tijuana

Birrieria Tijuana’s delicious food doesn’t fly under the radar. This authentic Tijuana cuisine is well-known by locals and oftentimes you’ll find a line or long wait due to its popularity. But any wait is well worth it at this exceptional establishment.

One Google reviewer states that it’s the “best Mexican food I’ve had in Seattle thus far,” while another reviewer said, “I have no idea how they do it, but the pizzabirria is a miracle of an invention.”

Another reviewer describes the overall experience perfectly: “This place is not only delicious but so authentic and lovely. Service is exceptional and the food is consistently amazing. I recommend this place to everyone!”

With it being less than two miles down the street, Birrieria Tijuana has become a favorite amongst our staff and customers at Kushmart North. Our budtenders often stop by for their lunch breaks and even more often recommend their food to our customers looking for a bite to eat.

If you’re hungry while stopping by Kushmart North, take a quick trip to Birrieria Tijuana and try one of their delectable dishes. And conversely, if you get a craving for any sort of cannabis while you’re eating, come stop by our Everett dispensary.



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Burien, Washington, 98146


205 E Casino Drive B19

Everett, Washington, 98208


10924 Bridgeport Way SW

Lakewood, Washington 98499

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