Black Afghani Rose

KushKrew Review of Black Afghani Rose from Leaf Werx

Black Afghani Rose is a rare sativa grown by Leaf Werx. It has a fruity flavor and provides a focus puts you in the zone quickly and get work done for hours. This flower has a dank skunk smell with berries. The flower is pretty average in appearance, but the smoke is a ten.  The flower was a little dry, but that’s great for a bong. I threw it in the grinder and when I unscrewed it a  fruity skunk smell erupted from the chamber.

The high hits your quickly and turns your focus directly to the task at hand. This is the strain you smoke to clean the house or finally do that project you’ve been putting off. After smoking the Black Afghani Rose and I was unable to resit the urge to get shit done.

Black Afghani Rose

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total THC: 22%
  • Total CBD: 0.9%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 22.9%

Black Afghani Rose Overview

  • Sativa
  • Genetics: Black Rose crossed with Afghani
  • Aromatics: Fruity herbs and skunk.
  • Flavor: Dank skunk

Black Afghani Rose

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