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Top Strain Recommendations For Black Panther

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There’s a good chance you’ve already seen Black Panther. The movie has already made $700 million worldwide and it continues to be a box office smash. If you’re like me and you’re just waiting to go see it again during a $6 Tuesday, enhance your second, third or fourth viewing with these cannabis strains. Listed below are top shelf and budget options depending on your spending preference.

Top Shelf Options

Dutch Treat Budder From Bodhi High

Bodhi High’s Dutch Treat budder is the best incarnation of the Dutch Treat genetics I’ve tried to date. It has a complex cannabinoid and terpene profiles. With around 3 percent CBD and over 5 percent terpenes, this product gives you a relaxing and focused high that will keep you zoned in while Black Panther and Killmonger battle for the Wakanda throne.

Black Panther

Biscotti From Royal Tree Gardens

Smoke like a king before Black Panther and enjoy some of the decadent Biscotti strain. This cookies strain has grown in popularity since RMR first wrote about it. It’s a sweet and relaxing indica that will help you melt into your theatre seat and enjoy Marvel’s latest visual masterpiece.

Lemonade From Exotikz

Wakanda is the most exotic locale in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date, a beautiful blend of African jungles and technological futurescapes. Exotikz is a great brand to ride into Wakanda with. Their Lemonade strain has pungent citrus berry aroma with cerebral buzzing effects.

Emerald Cookies Rosin From Emerald Jane’s

A beautifully pressed rosin that will cost you $60 a gram, but you’ll know where your money went as soon as you take a hit. Enjoy a dab of Emerald Cookies rosin to calm your mind and help you be in the moment for the entire run-time.

Black Panther


Wedding Cake From Exotikz

Wedding Cake is one of my all time favorite strains. It’s a cross between Triangle Kush and Animal mints. The result is a sweet-tooth satisfying taste with knockout effects. If you’re too hyped to go to sleep after Black Panther ends, smoke some Wedding Cake to calm your nerves.

Black Panther

Banana Split From Skord Marijuana

Banana Split from Skord Marijuana is another post-movie strain. Banana Split provides an introspective experience that will fuel a great conversation about your favorite parts of the movie and pontificate where the sequels are headed and how Black Panther will lead to Marvel’s Infinity Wars.

Black Panther

Budget Options

Agent Orange From Fire Cannabis

Fire Cannabis has a variety of strain options. You can get 3.5 grams for under $15. Agent Orange has a pleasant orange aroma with a decent cerebral buzz. Don’t expect pretty bud, but enough quantity to get you stoned before and after the movie.

Black Panther

Purple Berry From NWCS

A good wind down strain for your post-movie smoke session. Purple Berry won’t break your bank so you have enough cash to stock up snacks to beverages before the movie starts.

J1 Sugar Wax From Dorado 

This golden sugar wax will only run you $20 a gram. J1 has citrus and pine terpenes and a moderate cerebral high. This one won’t overwhelm you but will brighten your mood and slightly tune your focus to Black Panther’s awesome detail.

Black Panther

Black Panther Trailer

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