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Product Spotlight: Blue Dream Wax By Bodhi High

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If you’re looking for a new brand to try, KushMart has plenty to top shelf concentrates to keep your pallet fresh. Bodhi High’s slogan is “Awaken Your Senses,” their aim is to design products for a multi-generational market that like to use cannabis for recreational and medical reasons, per Bodhi’s High’s website. Their Blue Dream wax is terrific way to experience the classic strain.

“In short, we intentionally market to people seeking that higher quality of product by appealing to more refined tastes and mindsets, while maintaining accessibility to all so that once people try our brand they never go back to inferior products,”

Bodhi runs a “closed loop double extraction process” that is dialed in to produce consistent batches of wax. Bodhi’s Blue Dream wax has a  notable berry smells oozing from the cake-like material. Bodhi’s wax is crumbly, but is still moist enough to stick to your dabber with ease. You can pile on huge dabs without having to worry about it falling off before it touches the nail.

Product Spotlight: Blue Dream Wax By Bodhi High


Bodhi’s Blue Dream wax has a clean smoke that left loud berry remnants on my lips. It tasted good, but Blue Dream has never gotten me that stoned, and it wasn’t too different in concentrate form. There is just something about this strain that doesn’t vibe with me. Since it didn’t get me that stoned, it made great oil for a wake and bake or before cardio day (I hate cardio day.) Blue Dream is a mellow sativa hybrid so this strain isn’t known for being potent anyways, I would recommend this for day or night time use.

KushMart opened in November 2014 and has been a top-ranked recreational pot shop since day 1.


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