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Black Friday is quickly approaching. Do you have a game plan for shopping in Everett yet?

Are you ready for the early morning? Did you know there are is definitely a weed strain that can help give you the energy to wait in those 3 a.m. lines? You can find what you need at Kushmart, right off of Highway 99. There’s need to throw elbows when there is a knowledgeable staff and a great selection of both indica and sativa strains. So be sure to stop in and say hi on your way to the mall, or better yet, a few days ahead in preparation.

While some stores have not yet advertised their Black Friday deals, many have announced their sales will actually begin on Thanksgiving. While it’s not the most convenient, this might actually be the best time to go, as usually ferocious shoppers might be slowed down by a record level of Tryptophan — that’s the fun amino acid in turkey that causes a tired feeling — running through their systems. Remember, you can always reverse this feeling by talking to the budtenders at Kushmart and finding a sativa strain that’ll keep you awake and rolling down those aisles with your shopping cart. Stores within ten minutes of Kushmart include Target, Best Buy, and of course, the enormous Everett Mall.

The adrenaline rush of holiday shopping can either be extremely entertaining or slightly stupefying. If you’re headed towards the major shopping areas in Everett, make sure to make Kushmart, the best recreational pot shop in Everett, your first stop. With such a great selection of both flower and edible items, this is a great place to go gift shopping for the stoners in your life. With ample parking, educated staff and great prices, you’ll start your shopping adventure with a smile on your face.

Remember, it’s never to early to get started on a “Green Christmas!”

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