Budtender Favorites: Nicholas M. Recommends Oleum Extracts, Lilac City Gardens, And More

KushMart is bringing budtender recommendations directly to you. Assistant Inventory Manager Nicholas M. recommends you visit him and ask about Oleum Extracts, Lilac City Gardens, Pearl2O Water, House Of Cultivar, and Fireline.


Sweetwater Farms Candyland

A strain that’s been covered here multiple times. This sativa cookies strain is one of KushMart’s favorites.


Fireline’s Dragon’s Breath 

This strain is a cross between Northern Lights and Jack Herer. This strain is a spicy haze from Fireline that every hybrid smoker needs to try.


Lilac City’s UW Purple 

A heavy indica strain that comes in vibrant shades of purple. This strain carries sedative effects that will make you happy and sleepy.

We have some new strains and we can't wait for you to try our UW Purp.

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Chem Mint Cookies

Chem Mint Cookies from House of Cultivar a hybrid combination of Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg. A great strain to taste in concentrate form because of its unique blend of chemical, fuel, and sweet flavors.

Oleum Extracts’ Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a classic strain that was used to create the original Girl Scout Cookies. Oleum brings out the best in everything they extract. Enjoy the Durban Poison strain’s sativa effects and earth and pine flavors.


Oleum Extracts Sugar Resin


Tarukino’s Pearl2O Water

This product makes it easy to infuse anything with cannabis. Add this to your morning coffee or tea to elevate your day.


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