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Buying Cannabis and CBD at KushMart in North Everett

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Head on down to California and you’ll notice dispensaries there operate a little like boutiques. Cannabis products in their cases are accompanied by racks of accessories, clothing and glassware. It’s a one-stop shop for cannabis lifestyle shopping and buying cannabis.  

But here in Washington things are a little more archaic. We have strange rules that dictate how things like clothing and glassware cannot be sold alongside with cannabis products. At the same time, hemp-derived CBD without THC can’t be sold in cannabis shops.

When you’re at a dispensary, you’re strictly buying THC (and often, cannabis-derived CBD) products.

Fortunately, we at KushMart North have a solution to this problem. We set-up a clothing and glassware shop right next door: KushMart Clothing & Glass

While it’s not exactly one-stop cannabis lifestyle shopping because of limitations, it’s “right next door” shopping, and our KushMart customers love it. 

Buying Cannabis and CBD at KushMart in North Everett
KushMart and KushMart Clothing & Glass

Here’s How It Works

Step One

First decide whether you want to order your cannabis products online prior to your visit, or at the store. Either can be done with ease. 

Looking to fill a chocolate urge? Add a 4.20 Chocolate Bar to your online shopping cart and enjoy a nicely balanced 1:1 CBD:THC treat.

Buying Cannabis and CBD at KushMart in North Everett

Feeling a little pain and CBD-only solutions not doing it for you? Order our Fairwinds 300 PM Relief tincture (270mg CBD/20mg THCA/10mg THC) and potentially ease your night’s sleep.

Buying Cannabis and CBD at KushMart in North Everett

Step Two

Let’s face it, you’re coming for the weed, so start at KushMart North dispensary first. 

Here you’ll find a vast array of flower, concentrates, edibles, and more. Be sure to check out our line of Skörd products, and delicious Pioneer Square Edibles

And if you’re looking for a potentially fulfilling head high, pick up one of our 1 gram 1988 Infused Pre-Rolls.

Buying Cannabis and CBD at KushMart in North Everett

Our trained budtenders will answer any of your questions and help guide you to the right products for what you’re seeking. 

A few things to remember when you come to KushMart.

  • Be sure to bring your state issued or other official form of ID, proving you are over 21-years of age (18 year-olds with medical cards have access to dispensaries, as well). 
  • All transactions are in cash, but we have an ATM on-site should you need it. 
  • Don’t take photos while you’re inside, we like to keep things under wraps. 

Step Three

Now that you’ve got your weed, carts, and other goodies, it’s time to hop on over next door to our CBD, clothing, and glassware shop. 

Some bath bombs for the tub, perhaps? What about some soothing CBD balm for your muscles? And throw in a pack of hemp CBD pre-rolls for a potentially calming day high. 

You’ll need a new bong for that top-shelf strain you just bought next door, and you’ll find those here. While you’re at it, Grab a branded hoodie…it’s getting cold out. 

Everything you need all at once. 

Enjoy and repeat. 

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