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Can You Get A Hangover From Weed? Find Out Now

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Can you get a hangover from weed? The short answer is yes. However, it is also possible that after a night of overconsumption you are simply experiencing lingering effects: leading to a morning-after buzz. The “weed hangover” phenomenon remains a point of contention for the cannabis community – with some people simply writing it off as propaganda. But while researchers still have so much to learn in regards to the long-term health effects of weed, a surprising amount of evidence supports the possibility of consumers experiencing a hangover from weed.

What is a Weed Hangover?

As the name suggests, a “weed hangover” describes the negative effects a person may feel after a night/day of overconsumption. Research on the subject started in 1985 when a study found that “smoking marijuana can influence residual (hangover) effects the day after.” These adverse effects can include mild headaches, cottonmouth (dehydration,) feelings of fogginess, dry eyes, and fatigue. In 2005, Wadsworth researchers looked into how individuals suffered from the effects of weed hangovers at work. This study concluded that, depending on a person’s tolerance, cannabis can cause hangover symptoms – including altered cognitive performance and mood. 

Anecdotal evidence suggests that like other hangovers, weed hangovers are most commonly linked to overconsumption of cannabis products. However, unlike other hangovers that often affect people in similar ways, weed hangovers are an extremely personalized experience. Factors including the type of product, potency, tolerance levels, and body chemistry all have the ability to influence the potential for a weed hangover. This is why consumers are often told to “start low and go slow” when testing out new products. 

How To Avoid A Weed Hangover

It appears that the more potent the product, the higher potential for lingering (hangover-like) effects. With weed, it’s important to be aware of (and cautious of) the dosage being consumed. It is also a good idea to know how different products (flower, concentrate, edibles) affect you. 

For instance, edibles can provide users with effects that normally last anywhere from 2-10 hours. Additionally, consuming high doses of edibles may lead to longer-lasting effects (up to 24+ hours.) In order to set yourself up for success, always start with lower doses. You can always take more, but you can’t take less. 

Recovering From A Weed Hangover

If you have ever woken up feeling floaty, foggy, or deeply fatigued after a night of consumption you were probably experiencing a weed hangover. Next time you’re feeling off your game, follow these simple steps to speed up your recovery. 

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Take a cool shower
  3. Drink caffeine
  4. Get fresh air
  5. Move your body 
  6. Consume CBD

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