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Cannabis And Wine Are Two Of Washington’s Most Important Agricultural Industries

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Wine has become an agricultural staple, and one of our states most profitable economic resources; Washington’s wine economy has an estimated value of $4.8 billion dollars. Washington is the second largest producer of premium wine in the United States and produced over 229,000 tons of wine last year, which is about 17.5 million cases. Cannabis is becoming another vital economic resource, garnering over three billion in total sales since 2014. Cannabis and wine both bring in enormous amounts of revenue, but they have more in common than just the fact that people love to consume them.

Dealing With Prohibition

As cannabis use slowly creeps into mainstream legitimacy, the similarities it shares with wine become more and more apparent. Both alcohol and cannabis went through many years of prohibition, wine is free from the historical weight of alcohol prohibition, but cannabis is still wrestling with mainstream acceptance and cannabis prohibition is still alive and well in several states.

Agricultural Products

Wine and weed are both agricultural products produced by farmers. Wine comes from grapes and grapes require meticulous growing conditions like cannabis, to produce consumer worthy fruit. The grapes have to be grown, fermented and processed into wine. Wine is actually closer to cannabis concentrates, as wine is a product of grapes like hash-rosin is a product of cannabis flower.

Connoisseur Of  Terpenes And Tannins

Cannabis connoisseur culture takes a lot of talking points from wine culture. Point of origin, aromas, flavors, tasting notes, and branding are all points of reference when talking about wine. These talking points about wine are along the same lines used in cannabis flower and concentrate reviews.

Wine and weed flavors and aromas are both defined by naturally occurring molecules, tannins and terpenes respectively. Tannins are found in grape skins and the barrels used to age the wine and contribute to the bitterness, color, and complexity. Tannins are found in heavier amounts in red wine and white wine has less because the skins are removed during the fermentation process. Terpenes are naturally occurring oils in cannabis. Terpene profiles give strains all of the complex aroma and flavor profiles. You can get different types of cannabis concentrates with different level of terpenes. Terp sauce features explosive flavors and usually has 10 percent or more terpenes. Concentrates like distillate is void of terpenes and are designed for less flavor and higher effects.

Sommeliers are wine experts. They study wine for years to become true masters stewards of wine. They work with restaurants to give their customers the best wine pairings on planet earth. Cannabis doesn’t have an official equivalent to sommeliers, but cannabis connoisseurs are definitely a thing. Colloquially known as “cannaseurs,” these conscious cannabis smokers put just as much weight on looks, flavor, aromas, and branding as they do the effects. For a cannaseur, weed is for more than just getting high, it’s about picking a strain that perfectly enhances the moment for a memorable experience.

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