Chemdawg Sour

Product Spotlight: Chemdawg Sour

The Chemdawg strain has been around for a long time. This strain is a classic, one Leafly dubs as a first ballot hall of famer. This genetic line is responsible for strains like OG Kush, Sour Diesel. Chemdawgs genetics are mysterious, but it could be a cross between Thai and Nepalese landrace strains, Wikileaf reports. Chemdawg Sour is one of the best strains that has spawned from Chemdawg’s genetics.

Crossing Chemdawg back against Sour Diesel gives your Chemdawg Sour. This strain is a potent sativa-hybrid that has a cutting funk with hints of earthy, pine and diesel.

The high provides equal parts head and body highs. Chemdawg Sour will send buzzing tingles through your body and brain. Sometimes this strain provides a number of different effects, depending on the time of day its smoked and the person who is smoking it.

Mountain Hi Co. grows a nice version of Chemdawg Sour, the biting fuel scent will fill your senses. If you like to take dabs, don’t miss Mountain Hi’s Chemdawg Sour shatter.

Chemdawg Sour shatter for the dab heads

*Feature Image PC: Leafly*

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