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Chemdawg Sour & Motivational Music To Fuel Your 2018 Workouts

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Use the Chemdawg Sour strain and these motivational tunes to get your ass back into the gym. Featuring The White Stripes, Chris Stapleton, Kanye and more.

Seven Nation Army

“Seven Nation Army” from The White Stripes features powerful guitar rifts and battle inspired lyrics that will help you power through your last set and throw those weights right through that fucking wall.

 Chase Me

“Chase Me” by Run The Jewels is the Grammy nominated feature track for the film “Baby Driver.” Make sure you get ahead of the pack in 2018 and let all the competition chase you.

Blockbuster Night Pt 1

Another banger from Run The Jewels. Crank this track to 15 and punch 2018 right in the mouth. It’s your year this year.

Outlaw State of Mind

“Outlaw State of Mind” from Chris Stapleton is a reminder to give less fucks in 2018. Do you and just get to it, unless that involves robbing bank, in which case for sure relax.

Jesus Walks

I’m not the religious type, but this track always gets me going. Sometimes it’s good to just have some faith in something, it your case it may be god, in my case it’s just a reminder to have faith in yourself.

Never Let Me Down

Featuring Jay-Z, this song is a reminder that you’re never defined by your mistakes. Falling down lets us get back up. Fucking up allows us to learn and improve. This is some inspirational shit from Kanye and an absolute classic jam.

Your Soul

This song from my all time favorite duo, The KnowMads. Their music always encompasses chasing your goals with no remorse. Militant discipline towards the arts and living life your way. Anytime I meet a new goal in life, there’s usually a KnowMads song playing in the background.


“Ghost” from theKnowMads and producer Harry Fraud reminds you that nothing great is accomplished without sacrifice. Everyone wants to dope shit but very few work to achieve it. Putting in the late nights and overtime is what separates good from great.

Chemdawg Sour strain on KushMart’s Menu

  • Clandestine Gardens; $10 per gram and $30 per 1/8
  • Mountain Hi; $8 per gram and $25 per 1/8

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