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Meet Dan The Dab Man And Learn More About Dabb’N Dan’s I-502 Solutions

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The first time Dan Sloy harvested a dank crop of cannabis, he knew the plant was going to be a part of his life forever. Sloy had a great paying job managing a Discount Tire directly out of high school and was able to buy a house. He set up a home grow in a sunlight rambler, which is like a well-lit basement or a split-level house. Using a simple hydroponic set up with plastic tubs and PVC pipe, he produced over five-pounds. Finding success that quickly launched pivoted Sloy’s life purpose towards the cannabis industry. He had his first opportunity to work in the industry full-time in Washington’s pre-I-502 medical industry.

He started delivering and managing a medical dispensary until state voters passed I-502, at which point Sloy’s plan involved owning part of a retail shop with Have a Heart’s Ryan Kunkle. After the potential license fell through, Sloy went back to the drawing board.One day, Sloy got a call from a friend looking to buy distillate for wholesale. Sloy made a few phone calls and connected him with another producer/processor who had the distillate. He was awarded 10 percent of the deal, which was a fair chunk of change. Sloy realized he’d been in the cannabis industry long enough to make more deals like that. This was Sloy’s lightbulb moment, and the  “The Dab Man” was born.


Dan The Dab Man

“I don’t sell anything I don’t taste.”

What Is An I-502 Consultant/Broker?

Sloy started Dabb’n Dan’s i502 Solutions about six months after recreational sales began in 2014. His official title is an I-502 broker and consultant. Sloy facilitates relationships between producers, processors, and retailers. He helps connect buyers and sellers, acting as the broker and delivery driver. Before large quantities are purchased, Sloy brings samples to the buyers, which are tested in a lab for pesticides and other contaminants. Then the product is tested personally, if everyone is happy with the final product and prices, the deal is made. The seller pays Sloy’s commission. All of “The Dab Man’s” services are free for buyers.

Benefits of Service

Sloy’s business has been built by word of mouth. He believes he has a good reputation because of his veteran status in the industry, as well as his honest business ethics. Sloy says he takes care of his people, and they take care of him. The benefit of Sloy’s service is the time he saves producers, processors, and retailers. While Sloy handles all of the logistics for getting product from Processor A to Retailer B or Producer A to Processor B, etc. This leaves them more time to run the shops, grow the weed, blast the oil, etc.  Sloy’s job is to deliver the paint to the artists, so the artists are free to create masterpieces. On top of business negotiations, handling logistics for meetings, pick-ups, drop-offs, and deliveries, Sloy has to manage all of the different personalities he comes across.

The Cannabis industry, in particular, is full of varied personalities, some don’t mix well with each other. Sloy believes all three sides of the negotiation have to be cohesive for a successful partnership. Matching the right buyer with the right seller has as much to do with being friendly and respectful, as it does with product supply and demand. The Personality management is the most difficult part of the job, Sloy says. At the end of the day, anyone worth working with is in it for the same reason as him, for the love of cannabis. It keeps life in perspective when he gets frustrated and annoyed on the job, when he realizes his work day consists of making some phone calls, sitting in traffic, picking up some distillate, and getting high with a potential new client.


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