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Dragon Balm by Ceres Garden: Our Favorite Infused Topical

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Cannabis-infused topicals, like Dragon Balm by Ceres Garden, have increased in popularity in the recreational market over the past years. As recreational users become more versed in the vast potentials of cannabis and learn more about the effects of different cannabinoids on the body, products like topicals gain traction. Topicals are created by combining different mixtures of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial ingredients. These products can be used for a variety of purposes and may help alleviate muscle soreness, joint inflammation, nerve pain, and skin conditions. 

Dragon Balm: Meticulously Formulated by Ceres 

The Dragon Balm topical is one of the most innovative and natural topicals we sell at our Everett dispensary. Ceres’ unique formula combines cooling menthol and numbing camphor that may help to take your mind off aches and/or pains. During development, they also added clove, cajeput, and mint oil into Dragon Balm to help your body feel its best. As the final step, this topical is also infused with Ceres pure (and potent) CO2 extracted cannabis oil. The combination of these natural ingredients helps to increase the potential for deep, lasting, and highly concentrated relief. 

The Dragon Balm packaging is sure to catch your eye as well. The dark red label features a stunning gold leaf dragon on a bright red box. The back of the box has a colorful pie chart that details the beneficial terpenes and also lists Dragon Balm’s ingredients. This short and simple list includes Cocoa Butter, Camphor Oil, Menthol, and Cannabis Extract Oil.

After the initial application, the effects of this topical might be felt within seconds. First, you may feel a warming sensation that has the potential to loosen your muscles and ease your pain. Next, you might feel a cooling sensation that may help to knock out nerve pain and move you closer to a blissful state of relief. Lastly, the cannabinoid blend might begin taking effect, potentially taking you to a deeper state of relief and relaxation. 

Find Dragon Balm at KushMart North 

KushMart North is Everett’s prime location for quality cannabis products, this includes potentially therapeutic items like our Dragon Balm topicals. Ceres Dragon Balm offers you a powerful triple-cannabinoid blend that might help to provide layered benefits. A little of this product goes a long way, the effects of Dragon Balm may generally last 3+ hours. 

Dragon Balm is extremely convenient to use and is available in a jar or as a roll-on stick with four potential potencies including: 

  • 1:1 Dragon Balm Roll-On: This topical has the potential to offer deep tissue roll-on relief by blending THC, CBD, and CBN. Each 3.4oz container has 300mg CBD/300mg THC/20mg CBN. 
  • 1:1 Dragon Balm Jar: This 2oz jar is small but mighty and offers a potent cannabinoid blend of 175mg CBD, 175mg THC, and 20mg CBN per jar. 
  • Dragon Balm Super CBD Roll-On: This topical contains the same beneficial ingredients as the other options but offers a THC-free cannabinoid profile. Each 3.4oz roll-on of Dragon Balm Super CBD has 500mg of potent CBD oil. 
  • Dragon Balm Super CBD Jar: The last product in this line is the 2oz jar of Super CBD Dragon Balm. Each container of this topical has 250mg of CBD. 

At KushMart North, we pride ourselves on bringing a diverse menu of recreational and medical products to our customers. We offer topicals, tinctures, flower, concentrates, edibles, and other high-quality cannabis products at affordable prices. If you’re feeling achy and want to test out the Dragon Balm topical by Ceres Garden, you can pre-order from our online menu here, or you can browse our full selection of products in-store while talking with one of our expert budtenders. 

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