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Lilac City Gardens has been a farm I’ve been anxiously waiting to try. Their branding is clean and their labels are 100 percent digital printed, no stickers. The bold crow with the phrase “give them the bird” gives this brand a fun feel to go with the high quality. There was only one strain available when I stopped by KushMart, the Epoxy strain. I was unfamiliar with this strain, but it was a heavy indica which is what I was shopping for. This batch was FRESH with a harvest date of 1/15/2018. I took a chance and picked up an eighth (3.5 grams.)

This strain reminds me of the chronic I used to smoke in my teenage years. A clean smell with a mix of pine, wood, floral and earth. It just smells like clean, well grown, cannabis. The flower was fresh and sticky. The weed stuck to the teeth of my grinder. This strain would roll up into a beautiful blunt.

The high is wonderfully indica. A powerful giggly stone comes on quickly, followed by a calming awareness. I used this strain to power me through my 5K training. It calms my mind during the long distances. Helps with the pounding pain in my shins, calves, and feet, and helped me with the awareness of my running form.

Epoxy strain

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total THC: 20.92%
  • Total THCA: 23.4%
  • Total CBD: 0.19%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 21.1%

Epoxy Strain Overview

  • Indica-hybrid
  • Genetics: Two Glue phenotypes crossed together
  • Aromatics: A smooth and soothing mix of wood, pine, and earthy smells.
  • Flavor: Crisp earthy pine

Epoxy strain

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