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Everett Silvertips 2021/2022 Events, Promotions, and Schedule

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Here at Kushmart North Everett, we love our Silvertips, and 2021 was an exciting year for the team. Ronan Seeley and Olen Zellweger were officially named to Hockey Canada’s Selection Camp roster for the 2022 World Junior Championship. Also, the team recently added defenseman Eric Jamieson and forward Caden Zaplitny to the active roster. The team even raised $65,000 in the fight against breast cancer.

And, of course, 2021 saw our favorite team score lots of goals.

Everett Silvertips 2021-22 Events, Promotions, and Schedule

As a franchise milestone, this is the first WHL Draft since 2017 that the Silvertips selected in the first round. Their most recent first-round pick prior to this season came at 20th overall, selecting current co-captain and Carolina Hurricanes prospect Ronan Seeley. The 2022 and beyond outlook for the new class of hockey talent from this year’s draft looks good.

“It’s been a busy few months in a bizarre season of scouting due to the pandemic,” said Silvertips director of player personnel Mike Fraser. “Despite the challenges and short time frame, our scouting staff had to evaluate all the 2006-birthdate players, we’re very impressed and excited with how the draft turned out. In large part, it’s due to the tireless work our scouts did in the few months leading up to the draft.”

Here are some of the exciting Everett Silvertips events and promotions, as well as the schedule for 2022.

Everett Silvertips 2021-22 Events, Promotions, and Schedule

Events & Promotions

The Everett Silvertips offer incredible promotions throughout the week. Additionally, events are scheduled all through the season. So bring your family or Kushmart friends down and join in on all the fun.

Saturday: Chick-fil-A Fan Pack Games

  • Get a game day ticket + chicken sandwich card for as low as $14 each.

Sunday: Beaucoup Super Saver Games

  • Receive upper orange corner seats for only $10 each with no extra fees.

Wednesday: Midweek Madness

  • Half price tickets! 

Friday: Hockey Happy Hour

  • Lower level ticket and drink voucher starting at $25. All fees included – 43% off total!

Everett Silvertips Season Schedule

We’re halfway through the season and there’s still a lot more hockey to be played in 2022. For the full 21/22 regular season schedule – CLICK HERE.

Everett Silvertips hockey

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