Ewok strain review

Best Way To Spend $100 at KushMart: Treat Yourself to Some Top Shelf

Every Friday, KushMart is going to be focusing on different ways you can spend money in the store. If you just got paid and you’re looking to try some top shelf, we suggest Ewok from Nebula Gardens and Chem Mint Cookies from House of Cultivar. 

Ewok- Nebula Gardens- $50 1/8

Ewok is a cross between Albert Walker and Tahoe Alien. This strain won the 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup, Leafly reports. Ewok has aromatics that range from tangerine to lemon. This is strain is named after the Ewoks of Endoor because the nugs are short and hairy.

“This hybrid to was bred to hold onto its huge yield potential, while introducing some OG & Alien funk/potency to an old proven favorite” -Alien Genetics Seed-Finder Profile

Chem Mint Cookies- House of Cultivar- $50 1/8

Chem Mint Cookies is most likely a combination of Chemdawg genetics and a thin-mint cookies phenotype. Weed reviewer Toasted N Posted reports it’s a cross between Tres Dawg and 91 Chem. This strain produces thick and full flower that is covered in trichomes. The cooling mint and lemon aromatics are wonderful to behold. House of Cultivar puts out a tremendous product and it’s well worth your money.

“I am enchanted by the soothing ferocity that I have discovered within Chem Mint Cookies” –Toasted N Posted

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