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KushMart Staff Writer’s Favorite Cannabis Strains of 2017

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There are many farms that are growing tremendous products, and KushMart wants to highlight some of the best cannabis strains of 2017. Wedding Cake definitely stood out as a top strain of 2017, but every other strain stands out for their own reasons. These strains are in no particular order. This list isn’t meant to rate any of these products and farms over the others. We just wanted to talk about the dankest shit we’ve come across in 2017.

Wedding Cake and 501st OG from Lifted Cannabis Co.

Lifted’s consistency strain to strain is notable. This duo made the list because of equal parts jar appeal, aromatics and effects. The 501st OG is a heavy indica and Wedding Cake is a sweet hybrid.

Blackberry Cookies from House of Cultivar

This strain taste like peppered berries and is gorgeous to look at. The entire 3.5 grams came in a single nug, it barely fit inside the jar.

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Black Afghan from TreeHawk Farms

TreeHawk Farms never disappoint. This strain is a cross between Black Domina and Afghan Kush. This strain will creep up and down your body slowly as it relaxes your mind and body.

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Wedding Cake from Exotikz

Wedding Cake is a sweet and minty flower that spawned from the Cookies family. Both of Exotikz and Lifted grew a tremendous cut, so they both had to get a shout out. Exotikz is grown by legendary California growers the Jungle Boys. It’s good to get some of this infamous flower to the Pacific Northwest.

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Kush Master from Sweetwater Farms

My favorite smelling weed of the year, Kush Master smells like coffee and chocolate. Enjoy this strain with an extra cup of coffee in the morning and start the day off right.

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God’s Gift from Nebula Gardens

Nebula Gardens is the spaced out brand that grows top notch flower. God’s Gift is a heavy indica strain that will have you feeling like your in church signing hymns.

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 Sherbbles from Subdued Excitement

A cross between Fruity Pebbles and Sunset Sherbet, This cannabis strain is one of the best lookers in the garden. Beautiful fluffy triangles with several shades of green, vivid trichomes and hairs reminiscent of a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal.

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Alien Orange Cookies from From The Soil 

A cross between Orange Bud and Girl Scout Cookies, this flower that smells like tangerine air fresheners, this is a sativa-hybrid member of the Cookies family.

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 Rainbow Sherbet and Sunny G from Gabriel

Rated Leafly’s best flavor of 2017.  Rainbow Sherbet is the best night cap I’ve experienced all year. Hints of berry sorbet and a powerful lasting body high. Despite the name, this isn’t a Cookies strain. It’s a cross between Blackberry and Champagne.

Sunny G is a delicate mood elevator. Crossing Gummo with the Sherbet, this flower is fluffy, purple and smells like orange bubble gum and is one of the most unique cannabis strains on this list.



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