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Friday the 13th is Food Truck Friday in Everett!

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It’s Friday! Even better — it’s Food Truck Friday! If your Pearl Scout Cookies breakfast has you searching for lunch, the best to ward off any bad luck or homicidal maniacs is on a full stomach. After all, the Everett Food Truck Friday on Wetmore Avenue falls on the 13th this week!  This weekly event is a new, diversified lunch option just a quick drive from your favorite Everett recreational weed shop, KushMart.

Food Truck Friday in Everett“Food Truck Fridays” features two to three tasty, local trucks on-site every Friday,  from 11 a.m. 2 p.m. So kick it on the 13th with a little classic Sour Diesel, which works better than any talisman you’ll find to ward off evil. Plus, you’re guaranteed that dreamy boost and you’ll know which munchies to satisfy first as you hone in with razor like focus on your first food truck selection. So Good. You can take your lunch to go or stay and socialize, and plenty of seating is available for that Cotton Candy Shatter people-watching mood.

We all appreciate variety and you’ll be happy to hear participating trucks do rotate, so track Everett Food Truck Friday Everett online at their Facebook page.

Once you’ve satisfied your hunger, wash it all down with super flower Black Cherry Soda to keep it together long enough for those final pre-weekend to-do’s, or commit to calling it the weekend with some concentrate Tangie. At 90.3% THC and 14% CBD, Tangie Cart from Harmony Farms, with its enslaving Tangerine taste, demands seconds. It is now officially an unbutton-that-top-button kind of day.

Maybe you want to check it out, but you’re just not feeling hungry enough for a Food Truck Friday experience? Pick up an Orange Kush pre-roll! Because Everett’s most popular pot shop also offers some fantastic strains to boost the appetite. While you’re there, don’t forget dessert. KushMart also features an extensive edible menu that is ready to go. Simply pop them discreetly in your mouth: Salted Caramels, Mint Chocolate Candy Cubes, Peanut Butter Cups. Yum, a copious amount of deliciously efficient THC. You can have them in the morning, remember — you are an adult. It’s okay to have dessert for breakfast. We won’t tell!

We can’t think of a better way to spend our Friday the 13th.  Cruise over to see the full KushMart99 Marijuana Menu.

For more info, visit this Food Truck page.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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