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Many people have heard of a G-stick, but G FarmaBrands is a Californian based cannabis company that is focusing on more than just pre-rolls.  They’re approaching cannabis from every side of the business: Producer, processor, media outlet, marketing and brand development are just a few of their cannabis related business services. They wants to be a steward of the cannabis industry, and help shepherd cannabis into mainstream acceptance. Their website lists seven primary items they strive towards to achieve their goals.

G Farma’s Company Goals

1. To produce the best brands, highest quality products and licensee solutions
2. To provide the highest quality digital video, internet and social marketing solutions
3. To experiment and innovate, and to be creative, adaptive, flexible and intelligent enough to adapt to the changes in our business environment
4. To run an outstanding business, measured by the increase in intrinsic shareholder value over time
5. To be an exceptional place for people to work, and a leader in the hiring and promotion of minorities and women
6. To be a company that provides outstanding client services
7. To be a respected part of the communities where we do business

“We don’t believe the status quo will make the company better, our belief has always been in ourselves and the teams we assemble” Ata Gonzalez, Founder G FarmaBrands


G FarmaLabs

This is the portion  of the brand that creates and distributes all of the cannabis products. This lab is responsible for flower, shatter and edibles. Find a list of all of their products here. 

G Stiks

Probably there most well known product, these pre-rolls are great for the casual smoker. These are separated by effect only, indica, hybrid and sativa. Pick your experience grab one and go, it’s that simple with a G-Stik. These are some of the most consistent burning pre-rolls on the market.



G Stik Naturals

For the extra healthy conscious consumer. These pre-rolls bring all the consitency of a regular G-Stik and wraps it in a organic chemical free cone.



G Nugs Cones

Only full flower is broken down and stuffed into these cones. These come in strain specific options unlike their basic G-Stik’s.

G Nugs Shatter

I really appreciated the G Nugs shatter page because of the specific strain breakdowns. They’re colorful and very informative.  The strain-specific artwork is awesome.


G Drinks

Coming in a variety of flavors and high THC options. One drink will have on a cannabis induced flavor wave. Their newest flavor an infused Arnold Palmer.


Liquid Gold 

This is G FarmaLabs top shelf infusion brand. Featuring 100% pure nug ran oil, vaporizer batteries and infused edibles like chocolates, truffles and honey.

Quigleys Cannabis Shot

A fast acting cannabis delivery system that containing 20 milligrams of  THC. This is designed to offer a more consistent and discretionary cannabis experience.



G Farma News

A full fledged website dedicated to breaking and reporting cannabis industry news. They cover all topics related to cannabis and is a one stop shop for finding the latest happenings in the weed world.

G Farma TV

Dedicated to creating fun cannabis related content relating to pop culture, news and product knowledge.

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