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Garlic Cocktail Strain: A Sweet & Savory Cross Between GMO & Mimosa

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Sweet & savory crosses between GMO and fruity strains have been increasingly popular due to their potential balanced effects. The Garlic Cocktail strain is a cross between GMO and Mimosa which may make it perfect for socializing, vibing to music, or relaxing while your stress eases away.

This indica-dominant hybrid strain is one of our favorites here at KushMart because of its unique flavor profile and effects. Mimosa takes control as the dominant aroma and provides a smooth & sweet flavor. Simultaneously, GMO adds a funky spin and dank, garlicky bite. 

Garlic Cocktail Strain 

This unique phenotype (pheno) comes from high-quality seeds popped from Uprising Seed Co. It possesses earthy notes of clove and anise followed by a citrusy finish. Garlic Cocktail may be the perfect strain for pain relief and inflammation without heavy sedation. 

This premium cultivar has a cannabinoid profile that packs a punch. It typically tests at 43% total cannabinoids, including up to 36% THC! The Garlic Cocktail strain is rare and extremely potent. Newer customers, and those with lower tolerances, should start with small doses.  

Garlic Cocktail Appearance & Aroma 

Garlic Cocktail is as visually appealing as it is potent. Its buds are lush and green with a generous sprinkle of crystal-like trichomes and tangerine-colored pistils. The flavor profile of this particular strain is as balanced as its effects. Earthy tones like cinnamon, hops, and pine seamlessly flow into refreshing orangy-lavender tones. 

Dominant terpenes in the Garlic Cocktail strain include: 

  • β-Caryophyllene: up to 8.15mg/g
  • Limonene: up to 6.63mg/g
  • Humulene: up to 2.71mg/g
  • β-Myrcene: up to 2.22mg/g
  • α-Pinene: up to 1.63mg/g 
garlic cocktail strain
garlic cocktail strain

Image via EmJay

Garlic Cocktail Experience & Effects 

Garlic Cocktail offers a chill euphoria that may be relaxing, but not sleep-inducing. It may be perfect for playing video games, theorizing with friends, or pre-gaming before a movie. Regulars of this strain often report that small hits of this may influence pain and anxiety relief that is partnered with a sense of wellbeing. With larger hits, the high can get disorienting and mentally distracting, leading to a couch-lock that you may find difficult to overcome. 

On top of being a great choice for stoners with a high tolerance, the Garlic Cocktail strain may offer a plethora of medicinal uses. Consumers have turned to Garlic Cocktail to help treat issues like insomnia, stress, chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Keep in mind these effects can differ from person to person based on the body’s unique chemistry and chosen dosage. 

Featured Garlic Cocktail Products at KushMart North 

This unique cross is worth trying while supplies last. To pick up some for yourself, check out our online menu here to pre-order, or visit our Everett dispensary for recommendations from our knowledgable budtenders. Our inventory is ever-changing. When in stock, you can find the Garlic Cocktail strain at KushMart North in Everett from the following producers. 

Garlic Cocktail by 1937 Farms 

Currently available, this harvest of Garlic Cocktail was truly grown to perfection. 1973 Farms is a family-run operation out of Duvall, WA, focused on intentionally caring for each plant. This results in flower that looks fantastic, tastes great, and produces a high you may find yourself chasing time and time again. 

Animal Cocktail (Animal Cookies x Garlic Cocktail) by SKoRD  

As part of SkoRD’s core lineup, this pheno has been intentionally selected, meticulously tested for quality, and perfectly dialed in to create effects that live up to the SKoRD name. This cross may provide customers with all of the benefits of Garlic Cocktail with an added headiness that may result in a warm and cheerful high. This cross carries familiar notes of spice mixed with pungent Kush, layered with sweet & fruity notes. This strain may leave users feeling focused, happy, creative, and uplifted, making it a great choice for all-day use. Check out their website to stay on top of SKoRD’s limited drops. 

At KushMart North, we’re excited to bring a diverse menu of strains to our customers. We offer concentrates, flower, edibles, and other high-quality cannabis products at all price levels. If Garlic Cocktail is calling your name, you can pre-order from our online menu here, or you can browse our full selection of products in-store while chatting with one of our expert budtenders.

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