Get Zombified for the Snohomish Zombie Walk

Saturday, September 19th, ghoulishly painted guys and gals will gather in the Snohomish Carnegie Educational Center parking lot for the official Snohomish Zombie Walk. Since the official procession will begin at 5:30pm, you’ll have plenty of time to pick up a pot product or two from KushMart. Because seriously, if there’s event which calls for cannabis, it’s this one.


The Zombie Walk is sponsored by the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation, an organization focused on rehabilitating and restoring local landmarks, like the beautiful Carnegie Library. And that’s not the only way it helps our community. An hour before the event, representatives from the foundation will be collecting “Rations for the Survivors”—think canned and preserved food donations—at the Education Center. Other donation drop-off locations are Artisans Mercantile, Glitter and Ivy and Grilla Bites.

The day of the event, zombified folks will receive 10% off any meal purchase at local eateries Grilla Bites or Cathouse Pizza. So why not get two birds stoned at once by dropping off your canned goods at Cathouse, then tearing into a pie? Start with an appetizer of 50/50 hybrid Cherry OG,  and you’ll be able to take down the entire thing without getting full couch lock. Of course, Cherry OG is available at KushMart in Avitas’ convenient cartridges, and you can check out plenty more sweet cannabis “appetizers” to fuel your unearthly adventure on KushMart’s menu.


Not feeling confident about your special effects makeup skills? Have no fear, as volunteer artists will be on hand from Arts of Snohomish to make any face look haunting and horrific! If you’re looking Head to Holly Images Art and Design Studio at 3pm to get spooky. More than 300 people have expressed interest in attending this undead fest on Facebook, and last year, more than 1000 brain-craving participants wound up stalking the streets of Snohomish, so expect a crowd!