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Welcome to the glass room at KushMart! Our offerings include everything from intricately constructed concentrate waterpipes to classic beaker bongs. Educated staff members will assist you in making a purchase that you’ll love for both form and function. 

kushmart glass dab rig concentrate waterpipe

A dab rig for those who want to stand out. Two counterposed components have a short beaker base as their center. The mini honeycomb percolator bubbles the water wildly during use. Minimal decals and clean lines make this an excellent example of modern glass. Hidden near the bottom of the mouthpiece is an extra spiral percolator. This piece has a 14mm domed quartz nail. 

Mothership glass kushmart dab rig concentrate waterpipe

The percolator inside this large rig is a capsule, also known as ratchet style. Attached below the top percolator is a matrix percolator. The combination of the two produces a whirlwind upon inhalation. There is a single male quartz banger. A large weighted base holds the piece firmly to a flat surface despite the creative offset design. 

kushmart glass dab rig concentrate waterpipe

Artistic additions are fused to the side of this straightforward dab rig. The single percolator is a diffused downstem. The mouthpiece is a thin angled shoot. Perfect for those who want something to get the job done with a modest bit of flare. 

kushmart glass dab rig concentrate waterpipe

Twice the bangers, twice the fun! Male and female quartz bangers are set evenly on either side of a horizontal cylindrical chamber near the base. Inside the chamber is a gridded inline percolator. 

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