God's Gift

Product Spotlight: God’s Gift and Other Flower Strains To Try This November

Winter is here, and that isn’t just a cliche Game of Thrones reference. As this was written on the third of November it’s snowing. Stock up on these strains so you deal with the snow as little as humanly possible. God’s Gift get’s this author’s personal recommendation, but all these strains offer their own unique experience.

Hybrid Strains

Blue Rush OG – This strain is a cross between Blue Dream and Pineapple OG. It’s a shorter sweeter version of Blue Dream with an indica pop. A good strain for people looking for a mellow indica that can be enjoyed during the day.

God's Gift

Blue Rush OG by GreenRush


Blueberry Pancakes- A dank indigo flower crossed between DJ Blueberry Short and Oasis. This hybrid leans indica so it might want to be avoided during the day. Use this one to wind down after and knock out the chores list with no whining.

Sativa Strains

Purple Lemon Haze- An interesting combination of Purple Kush and Lemon Haze, per AllBud. This combination levels out into a strong sativa that will get you focused without making you too introspective or paranoid.

God's Gift

Purple Lemon Haze PC. Allbud.com

Key Lime Pie- This sativa leaning Girl Scout Cookie’s phenotype is grown by Fireline. This strain taste like minty lime candy, according to Leafly.

God's Gift


Indica Strain

God’s Gift 


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