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Gold Leaf Gardens is the organic, iconic brand coming to Kushmart North. The people behind Gold Leaf have exceeded all expectations, and have developed award winning products that are good for you and good to the environment. Excellence is an everyday value for Gold Leaf and they live it in every product they put forward. From the way they craft their cannabis to the most minute detail the Gold Leaf standard is in every step. They don’t just hand craft cannabis, they take it down to every level including their soil.

Grant Hindsley – Gold Leaf Gardens

Gold Leaf Gardens‘ soil, Infused with microbial helps to find stronger profiles in their cultivars. While other brands move at their own pace through their processes, Gold Leaf listens to the plant. By using a whole plant approach each is given individualized attention to ensure the highest quality yields. At Kushmart we are lucky to have a broad selection of Gold Leaf Gardens high quality product lines. The topicals and edibles, to concentrates and premium flower, are all hand selected for our shelves.


Gold Leaf Gardens takes the gold medal in clean, consistent cannabis. They operate a strictly organic farm using generations old techniques. Because of their commitment to clean cannabis Gold Leaf Gardens has earned the ability to operate with a Clean Green Certification. They not only care about their cannabis but also about the impact on the environment and consumers.

The team at Gold Leaf don’t just put care into their products, they also have a purpose behind everything they do. From the organic, nutrient rich soil to the exceptional standards they hold, each item that leaves their facilities is the best of the best. We carry a wide variety of Gold Leaf Gardens products but some of our favorites come from their flower lineup. You can come in and experience the Gold Leaf standard for yourself, or take some cues from our Guide to Gold Leaf for real recommendations.

Guava Cake – Gold Leaf Gardens


Gold Leaf does it again with a flavorful and potent Guava Cake strain. Guava Cake is a back cross of the Wedding Cake phenotype with Gold Leaf which brings out an earthy, sweet aroma. There is a hefty, fruity punch hiding behind this cross with berries and citrus as top reported flavor profiles. You’ll potentially feel like you are biting into a crisp fruit salad after experiencing Guava Cake.

The strain’s bright flavor and sweet smoke is potentially best for those experiencing sleeplessness, or for those who just need to mellow out for a moment. Because Guava Cake is a back cross of Wedding Cake you’ll find a pungent and potent flower when you open up your jar. Guava Cake takes after Wedding Cake with its high THC content sitting right around 19% THC.


Koloa Sunrise is a powerful strain that delivers thick smoke and bold flavors. It’s unique appearance, with large, colorful colas give this a pungent aroma and unique taste. The THC content for Koloa Sunrise is squarely in the middle making it a potentially  great experience for new or experienced smokers. This strain hovers at a relaxing 15%  THC although some report as high as 21% THC.

Koloa Sunrise is characterized as a well balanced hybrid  accompanied by a potentially wistful euphoria and calming body high. It’s colorful appearance draws you in while the sticky sweet aroma of sweet spice and earth have you coming back for more. Koloa Sunrise might be a relief for those dealing with body aches or insomnia because of its well balanced terpene profiles. Whether you’re enjoying alone or with friends Koloa Sunrise is a pop of smoky flavor.

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