Gordon Ramsay Visits 420-Friendly Lodge

Gordon Ramsay Visits 420-Friendly Lodge

The Kush Mart team is always searching the internet for funny cannabis videos. Earlier today, we came across this awesome video featuring the great chef, Gordon Ramsay. He visits a cannabis-friendly motel that is run by a very friendly group of stoners and ends up spending the night in his own sleeping bag.

What he identified during his first night was enough to seriously gross us out. Before watching this video, make sure you visit us for a quick edible, drink, or even a flower preroll. Getting stoned seriously improves this episode.

Gordon Ramsay Vs 2 Stoners

Gordon Ramsay was also discussed on Foodbeast and was quoted to have said the following statement on a Reddit IAmA.

“Haha, yea, I mean, the scary thing for me is getting legalized in different states across the country. I understand the purpose of it for medicinal use, I get that, but I’m slightly nervous that if it’s legal without an issue medically, we can have a nation as high as a kite. Food wise, I get high off perfection, I don’t need cannabis.”

Although Ramsay doesn’t place much faith into the recreational uses for cannabis, we still anticipate cooking with as much oil, flower, and butter as legally possible. For more updates, tune in daily for new blog content.

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