Grape Island Skunk strain

A Real Review Of Soulshine’s Grape Island Skunk Strain

One of my favorite dabs in the entire world is Oleum’s Grape Island Skunk honey crystal. I had to go to the source and see if the flower matches the concentrate. Soulshine Cannabis provides a lot of the flower for Oluem’s concentrates. For quality extraction, you must start with quality flower, and Soulshine’s Grape Island Skunk strain is a tremendous launch point.

The first time I smoked it, I could taste the tangy tropical grape notes while the skunky haze aroma fills your nostrils. The flower is as dense and sticky as it gets. The flower is perfect for rolling, as it allows you to form the perfect cylinder with the blunt wrap.

The high doesn’t hit you hard, a few minutes after you’re done smoking, you just realize you have an energetic high and a happy brain buzz. Soulshine describes their Grape Island Skunk as “happy and motivational,” and I would have to agree. I smoke a blunt of this during my last meeting with the Respect My Region team and it kept me zoned in and focused on the meeting. This strain is great for my scattered brain and it helped me be more one track minded after the fatigue of the day started setting in around 9 P.M. This was the boost I needed to finish off the night strong.

This hybrid would be beneficial during the daytime or nighttime, it hits you right, but this strain will never overwhelm your mind or make you tired. You can smoke this and continue at the task at hand with no delay.


Grape Island Skunk strain

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total THC: 19.08%
  • Total CBD: 0.00%


Grape Island Skunk Strain Overview

  • Hybrid
  • Genetics: Grape X Life Saver X Island Sweet Skunk
  • Aroma Profile: Tropical grapes with a noticeable skunky haze.
  • Flavor Profile: Throat tickling harsh feeling with a pungent sweet grape taste on the exhale.

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