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Here’s How to Solve Four Common Stoner Problems

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Your favorite Everett pot shop knows it’s a big, complicated world out there, and everybody’s got problems.

Now hopefully, you don’t have as many pressing issues on your plate as Jay Z, but nobody’s life is perfect. And if you are Jay Z? Seriously, please swing through KushMart next time you play Xfinity Arena — we’ll make sure you get the dankest weed in Washington. That said, recreational marijuana is the law of the land in Washington State, and it’s easy to take the edge off your hard knock life.

So to make sure our customers aren’t too stressed out by the daily grind, your friendly budtenders have put together a handy list of five common stoner problems and how to solve them. Check them out!

Problem: You’ve got a big project due at work, and your boss is stressing you out.

Well, this is an easy one. While not a lot of business books are going to clue you in to this bit of, shall we say, insider information, the answer to this question is really straightforward: Smoke more weed! First, chill the boss out with a nug of Harmony’s Gorilla Glue, then blaze up one of Panacea’s Green Crack Rosin Sticks. You’ll be laser focused on the task at hand, and your boss will be somewhere in the stratosphere. Problem solved!

Problem: All the poisonous election talk is making family gatherings toxic.

We’ve all had uncomfortable dinners with the folks and extended family. Because even people who love each other don’t always see eye-to-eye about politics. And that’s OK! To take the edges off any meal-time sparring matches, KushMart suggests bringing the heavy artillery and toking up with some of Oleum Extracts’ delectable AK-47 Live Resin. It’s an amazingly reliable weapon against stress. Then just keep on smiling and nodding.

Problem: Everyone is starving, but nobody can agree on a place to eat.

Boy, have we ever been here. Finding a place to dine that everyone in the crew can agree on can be really rough. But getting around this social roadblock can be easier than you might think. The answer, as you can probably imagine, is to — yup, you got it —smoke more weed. Or rather, get everyone in the gang to smoke more weed. Fire up one of Prohibition Brands’ Machine Gun Banana Joints, then call in a pizza from Brooklyn Brother’s Pizza. Trust us, everyone will be cool.

Problem: You’re totally, 100%, absolutely out of weed.

OK, If you’ve gotten this far, you know that this is obviously the biggest problem listed here. But fortunately, solving it couldn’t be simpler — just swing through KushMart’s convenient location off Highway 99! We’re the pot shop that always has the best deals on the best weed, and we’ll always be there to hook you up. Even our Canadian friends from the Great White North make it a point to stop here to avoid paying inflated prices once they get into Seattle. So if you’re looking for weed near Everett, KushMart is your jam! See you soon!

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